Search down?

I’m trying to search for music, and no matter what keyword I type all I get is “Request failed with status code 504”. I’ve tried it in both Safari and Chrome, but it’s the same thing. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I’m getting the same 504 error code issue and I’ve tried multiple searches the past 10 minutes. All the same error.

Same here, I’m receiving the same 504 error when searching for stock footage. Hopefully they work this out quickly.

I’ve submitted a bug/error note to Envato’s contact us.

Yep… I can’t search either - Same error code message.

Same here. It either can’t find anything or just refreshes whatever was up last.

We’ve reported it to the team and everything seems to be working normally now. If you’re still facing issues, please let us know and we’ll forward it to the appropriate staff to be resolved.

Cheers guys! :slight_smile: