Search auto complete with specific city and services, see below


I am creating a home improvement site where I need a search bar that people can search for the type of service, State, City

BUT, I want this search to only show specific cities that are “available” only. I am focusing on a state first and as I grow I want to be able to add more services and cities. I am interested in the search to be ajax, fast and that can be integrated with generate press.

So if I only have Handyman services in the State of NY in the city of the Bronx, when people type/select handyman, only the Bronx will show since this is the only area that has one available. OR if I am looking for an electrician, and there is only availability in Brooklyn and manhattan, then those 2 should only appear. After they select what they are looking for, I would like it to redirect to a page or open a popup that shows a telephone number they can call or a form they can fill.

I believe the best way of this search form is a typeable one that expands below with the available options. IF you can do this, please contact me

Thank you.

Hi there,

this theme has the search option you are looking for:

You can have a look at this demo page, where you can find a search form in the header section. Here only cities available are shown automatically:

Anyway, you can try to have a look at other directory/listings themes - there are sooo many great ones out there. Try to find a demo page where search box is shown including more search fields. This kind of page more likely has the feature you need than pages with maps. Pages with maps generally include radius search instead of the kind of search option you are looking for.

Thank you for your reply.

but I am only interested in the search form portion. I am not sure if someone here have the experience of just providing that?

Oh, I see, sorry I just missed that Generate Press thing…