Search Allot this theme, but not able to find out


I am opening up a new website that is related to forex news, investments and will focus the UK community. For last 1 week I am searching themes for my website design but only able to find out few.

This is due to I need Forex, UK, Investments with easy accessibility only.

I have found one theme that is used by
, This is the perfect theme, but I need a theme which is look like this one, but has the following qualities.

  • Color combinations are not good: Only blue and white with simple images is not good.
  • You are not able to see the specific topic of the website, by the first look. Rather than attracting the viewers it is confusing them.
  • Build-in Live Chat option
  • Fast first time loading time
  • Good sound on loading the main page

If you guys know anything similar to H2omarkets theme, please help me here. Otherwise I have to hire a designer and a developer to do it. I really do not want to do that. :worried:

I think you can achieve design similar to h2omarkets using any multi-purpose or corporate theme. For functionalities, you can use plugins.