Search Algorithm Update

and right now (11 AM in Europe) in the front page new release section we only have only 5 more** inspirations coming on the market. 2 corporate’s and 2 motivations are coming to market too.
I also looked for my “inspire” and after sifting through 34 pages of inspiracy’s…I still did not find my inspire.

I have a great idea, let’s all just name our tracks inspire! Lets just inspire this market to inspirational bliss!!!
Then, after 2 more months, we can shift to inspire 2, then we can call our tracks inspire 3. Let’s change the name of audio Jungle to “Inspirational Stock Music”…The slogan can be “We inspire the world, with inspirational music everyday that you seek inspiration.”

Anyway, time for the holidays…Best wishes to all in 2016!

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This is the only solution to the title problem. By default, completely DISREGARD the title. If it’s included, no matter how much or little compared to tags/description it will always be beneficial to use a tag like Inspirational in the title.

An optional field called “Search by title” is the only solution. Title cannot be used in search AT ALL by default or you will not solve this problem.


Spot on. The only thing I’m not sure about is wheter the"Track Title" should already be checked or not.


My original title “Inspire” appeared on page 54 of the playlist delivered after I searched 'Inspire". My Inspired and and my Inspirational appeared sooner, but not until perhaps the 34th page.

So this “test search” proves the statement you make Michele " one reason being when someone searches for a track by it’s track name - we want them to be able to find it. " well…they won’t find it!

This is not a complaint that I am being treated unfairly, it’s just that this market is a market where only “inspire” is being used for a title. Envato MUST find a way to stop that.

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Exactly. And the ONLY way to do this is to COMPLETELY omit title from search by default. Anything else is just a waste of time and will change nothing. The only way you will see tracks called “Glimmering Lights” instead of “Inspiration” is to not include title in search.

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Agree, this goes in the right direction. Just uncheck the title by default. Those buyers who are looking for a specific title can turn in on easily.

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That makes sense in an environment where titles are unique, which is not the case on AJ lately. I agree with the “search by name” checkbox idea (unchecked by default).
On the author side, maybe something like 3 primary tags (category, style, mood…??), chosen from a drop down list (this will make things well organized i think) which will be more relevant in the search… than others chosen by the author.

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I think in AJ reality no matter searching by titles or tags or description. Most of authors using same tags like the same titles unfortunately. The description includes keywords. Keywords - tags. These changes will lead to the same results. Remove search by name - change nothing. Check feutured track, top tracks, new tracks. Inspiration titles+inspirational tags + inspirational description= all the same in most of tracks. Let’s delete all old system and start call new tracks like “Over the mountain”,“No more tears”, 'Don’t cry", “Little sweet Marry Perry” etc. I do not think that will be better. You can change search or something but authors continue calling their new track “inspirational” because buyers continue search inspirational titles. I hope my english not so bad and you guys will can understand what i mean!

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Perhaps so, but when you call a track “Over The Mountain” and the client downloads to preview it then the client wants to buy it for the project, the video producer can then search by title only “Over the Mountain” and actually find it immediately! Why? Because there will only be one “Over the Mountain” on this market.

If the client signs off on “Inspire” and says go ahead and buy it, they may NOT find it, or it may take too long to find it.

Inspiring music can be utilized in several contexts; Solo Piano, Strings, Minor Key - a sad inspiration, Major Key - a happy inspiration…a rock inspiration or an orchestral inspiration. So If the client enters 5 descriptive keywords in search, they will get a more focused playlist

Example one search - type in: inspiring, Orchestral, Positive, Light, Uplifting

Example two search - type in: inspire, happy, rock, energetic, upbeat

These two searches should yield VERY DIFFERENT results in the playlist delivery back to client and a search like this would take its cue from tags/ keywords, and NOT titles.

We MUST get clients typing in MORE keywords. It SHOULD BE mandated and programmed to force them to type in 5 descriptive words that will cue off of tags only.


Of course it will change something - it will lead to original titles if the titles are not used in search. No one WANTS to call all their tracks Inspiration, Inspired, The Inspiration etc. but are forced to due to the search system. If the search does not include titles, they don’t have to.

The order of tracks is another story, and there is no way to make everyone happy with hundreds of thousands of tracks, but the list of search results will look professional instead of the endless stream of “Inspiration” titles.


@Flumen @SteelSound Agree with you guys in some moments. Search in search is good idea. Also i think authors should be informed in a couple of months about changes in the algorithm to know what to do. Change the whole algorithm in a day - not a very good solution. Anyway I hope all be alright for all of us.

Hi, you said TF is not impacted, but it is, for example on search by keyword “vcard” there was completely different picture before✓&term=vcard, on the top was newer items . I’m not talking about new items not appearing in search bug, the listing changed just after you made changes in Search, and isn’t changed back yet.

Definitely hasn’t the problem still exist on Themeforest, do a search for “real estate” all you get is old items not new, trending items as it was prior to this change or whatever happened. I think you guys need to do a re-index of search then or re-look into the issue because it most certainly isn’t the same as it was.

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PLEASE bring the old search system back for Theme Forest, since the change I have no sales, before that things were going great.


3 reversal of sales, what happened?

In my opinion new algorithm is much better than previously!

Yes, it works especially good on Themeforest :D, now all really old stuff is available for buyers, I think there should be another, similiar to “Trending”, ribbon on items - something like “Antique”.


Wow… There are so many examples of great production music search engine interfaces on the internet that I’m having a really hard time understanding how Envato can’t get this right. But, that’s the interface.

A major problem at this point is what was going on with titling and user “do it yourself” created metadata for so long that the data is pretty much “mush” compared to what it could be if it was standardized and real titles were used with a low search priority. The best search engines will always come from metadata input by an objective third party that tags the files honestly based on standard keywords. That would be Envato’s job. But the micro-stock business model usually has the sellers doing their own metadata and that’s always going to be a problem unless you guide the sellers with standard choices they must use to build their metadata. That’s your next best solution, although you will have game playing with popular keywords that don’t actually relate to the track and the competition becomes more about how good you can create metadata instead of how skilled you are as a composer. Just allowing authors to type in what ever they want as a tag, like what’s done here, generally isn’t good. That’s one reason the available tags a customer can chose from are so lame. Envato appears to have provided them based on the frequency they appear during input and many authors are probably just “power loading” their files with the popular keywords like "inspirational and “motivational” whether they apply or not. It’s kind of like the “beat the search engine” game is what caused your problem because the data input wasn’t from an objective third party that would have controlled the situation. In my opinion as someone who has developed databases as part of a former “day job”, that’s a major flaw that will now be difficult to overcome for existing data.

Some places provide uploaders with a long list of terms that cover mood, genre, style, instrumentation, era, suggested use, etc. They have to use those terms. The more extensive and comprehensive the list is, the better the results. When the data has standard tags, it is easier to search, especially when those same tags are offered to the customer as possible selections in the search engine interface. But after all these years without that and over 200K songs, good luck cleaning it up now. I think that’s a considerable part of the problem besides the titling nightmare Envato has allowed for far too long. The search can get better if they start giving authors lists of standardized tags, which will need to be well thought out lists. But anything in the database prior to that is still going to face the current problems.

They also need to get rid of anything that discourages using the search engine. That means removing some of those “best seller” type lists and perhaps only offering a featured artist spot that rotates weekly along with the “new items” postings. That would also level the playing field for everyone to make sales without built in sustained advantages outside of the search engine.


Well, thats an inspiring corporate news!