Search Algorithm Update


So we don’t end up with confusion again, this is the idea I (and most others had in mind):

The same search algorithm as before, but with tags and description heavily weighted, and titles less so, or even disregarded completely. The search should work to find matches of the entered phrase / term in the tags and description, taking item upload date and sales into account, and compiling together a list of results that is fair to everyone - not a list of top sellers.

In my mind the heirarchy / importance for search weighting should go like this:

  1. Item upload date (how new the track is)
  2. Tags (how many matches there are)
  3. Description (again, based on matches with the original search term)
  4. Sales performance (stronger performing tracks / trending tracks get priority)
  5. Title (if at all) - only for a “search-by-title” function

The previous system was perfect in terms of new file exposure - the only change that needs to be made is the removal of titles from the equation in place of tags and description. This is also for AJ only, as the search system should be different in each marketplace

So please, Envato staff - all we ask for is a simple change made to the prior existing search engine.

Again - is there a way to communicate with those responsible for the search engine changes here in this forum? I think it would be great to exchange ideas and it would help us authors better understand the process of tweaking the search engine. This way we can directly communicate and make sure we are both on the same page when it comes to the needed changes :slight_smile:

I apologise if this sounded harsh. We’re all dead-set on getting this to work properly and for many of us, AJ is a very important part of our lives. So we’ve got to get this right! :slight_smile:


I like the new search engine! If Envato team do something with ‘Inspiring’, ‘corporate’, and other similar queries, so then the search engine will be perfect!

Thank you Envato!

The only new parts to the search engine are the changes made to the specific set of terms “Inspiring”, “Corporate” etc that you mentioned - and this is definitely not a positive change :smile:

All the other less common terms (everything other than the common terms specificied in the original post) are unchanged and as they were before - which is better.

So far nothing has changed, except for those very terms you mentioned needed changing - I think you were confusing the prior algorithm with the new changes.

@michellerobinson Does this affect to Themeforest also?

I’m confused by this.

Searching looking for just the names of the authors… Why? Type "Sale"
and the entire first page is filled with projects of the author of “Sale” is absolutely not related to the query((

I suggest you make a test and open a new profile on AJ and see if all the “benefits” for new authors really exist or not. I’m sure after a few weeks you’ll be quite happy with your relationship with Envato :wink:

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I know intentions were good but the change is negative for 90% of the authors.

The new algorithm is topping the most sold items, which means who ever sold 2000 times
will sell more,
The rich are getting richer
Hope this is only temp because i see 80% drop in sells.


Let’s just wait folks, Michelle wrote: They will fix that. No worries)) :wink: [quote=“michellerobinson, post:103, topic:22423, full:true”]
Hi everyone, there are a few issues with search at the moment, including new items not appearing, we are working hard to resolve these issues. Thanks for your patience.

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This new algorithm is a step in right direction. At last i can see some new views of my old files. More exposure for old files is fair and good for all in a long time perspective if we dont want an oversaturated market with a new file live 5-10 days. And of course important - its how Leto called it - Envato showed he cares about their Elite authors.

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Rage post: attention!!! :scream:

Wow, so nice retirement after 3-5 years getting Elite badge! What about the rest guys? What’s the point to upload for me new file, if I know that your one and rest Elite guys will be first in the search, even if it might be old and not trending/actuall anymore? To get a single chance that someone will scroll down and maybe skip 2-3 pages to find what he may be exaclty need, and not what Envato offering buy “caring” of Elite authors…

EDITED: Sorry, may be a little bit harsh post, but this problems MUST be fixed. With all due respect to Elite Authors and Envato Stuff, please, do not make this happen. As I wrote in my previous post - this move will kill all competition over here. Previous system was pretty OK at least for me (may be because I am not “Inspirational” guy :wink:), but, as it was wrote many times, the thing which is important for people - creative title and search by descrption and tags. I think this is great idea.

Best regards


Why would old items items get any exposure at all ? A lot of items which were considered high quality a few years ago are garbage by today’s standard. In such a fast evolving environment such as videos and music it would make sense to prioritize new items no?


Problem is: With a search like this these items will keep on selling more and more. As long as they do that they will stay on top of searh results forever. Meaning if buyers serch for “Inspiration”, they will never be intoduced to new fresh tracks. The search will always produce the same searhc results. I think customers will eventually get bored with this, amd in the long run AJ will probably loose customers if serch results never intoduce them to new fresh tracks.

Thats not good for anybody. Not elite authos either.


I searched for ‘BuddyPress’ and then sorted it by ‘Best Sellers’ and I got the following result:

I don’t think Avada and X has better support than themes that are under BuddyPress category. Just a suggestion, if the user enter a search keyword that match a category name, why don’t just prioritized the themes that are under that category? This way, we can give more exposure to niche items and other themes that are especially built for the category.


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Do you guys have a timeframe on when it’ll be resolved? Time is money.

I don’t know for you guys but i have significant drop in sales since algorithm was changed. This algorithm ‘tweak’ need serious revision, maybe at this moment works for Audiojungle authors, but i doubt that works for Videohive.


Or may be it is just end of the year, Christmas is here, and most of people are buzzing about this, not about Envato/Digital Stuff :wink:


Same situation I have on my account from the moment search algorithm become broken… 1 sale in 3 days, last week I had 28 sales… Definitely the reason isn’t end of the year.

What ever is the reason (i know it’s the end of year and it’s christmas time) it need to be fixed after holidays.

I’ve just looked through the thread “Audiojungle Sales Monitor” of December 2014.
(Link to this thread: AudioJungle Sales Monitor)

The sales situation has been the same and it has normalized approximately by the January, 10 - 2015.

All we have to do is to wait for the end of the holidays :smile: )

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