Search Algorithm Update

I trust they’ll figure it out. I’m quite sure it’s just a temporary mishap. After all Michelle says they’re just testing. Right now I’m very lucky to not have all of my portfolio weighted towards the popular keywords they’re experimenting with. It’ll be a nice Christmas gift for the 1,000+ seller club. If they are quick to react they will tag all their items with these keywords, that way we’ll have all the good old dino items back wherever they may roar :stuck_out_tongue:

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Definitely. We’re on the right track and I’m very happy that Envato staff are now actively working to resolve the issue with a fair, optimal solution for everyone.

Just don’t let us down, Envato! This matters a great deal to us authors! :slight_smile:


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The new search is good for top authors but don’t give a chance for new tracks new authors?
How byers can find a new tracks if they see only old tracks but with big sales?
The last searh made stimalation to make good tracks new and old authors, if track is good they will selling if track is bad they don’t sell. All talented peopla haved chance. But now. Top authors can do nothing and sale only old tracks and the new authors connot do nothing because they don’t have a chance to show tracks to buers. Nowbody wins in this situation, Envato will not have the new good tracks and authors, New authors will not have a chance to sell good tracks, Only top authors will have good future, Do nothing and make money!


Stop the panic people. I am a new autor, and if i search for “Modern Inspiration”. My item is the first one! Not from top autor!

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This is because only a select portion of the terms have been affected so far - as mentioned in the original post. Terms such as “Modern Inspiration” won’t have been changed yet - only the most common keywords (inspiring, epic, corporate etc).

Nevertheless, we’ll just have to wait and see how everything pans out before we speculate.

are you going name all your tracks “modern inspiration”?
input just “inspiration” and you"ll see …

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not only because of that. “Modern Inspiration” - is a quite specific combination.
But if we try to search “Inspiration” or “Modern” or “Uplifting” we don’t see there any new tracks. Only best selling.
Thats it :smirk:


If i chose “inspirational” tag in extended search or mix it with other tags i see new items too.
I don’t understand what the propblem is.

I think buyers use extended search, not only search in the head of page.

I think the new update work only for top authors. Soundroll ask change the algorithm serching by tags, not by title, But Envato returned to the old principle of searching where top authors with big sales have all the advantages.


For some reason I always thought that it is better to give a chance to new authors, to grow new stars, new hits, progress!

But unfortunately the reality - of the disease. We just went back to the past. And this is very sad! Sadly, the fact that the terms of one big demotivation and all progress, all development just stopped!

What do you mean, when you say “extended search”?

I know, that in search results section, we can apply filter on the top of the page and sort results by some criterias such as: “newest” “trending” “best sellers”, but in the previous version of search engine (as i remember) the default filter for search results was “bast match”, but the difference is, that now in “best match” we see best selling files also.

correct me, if i’m wrong

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Yes you right. Not seen it. Sorry.
But I think still is not so bad as people think

You can set the search by new items. I do it when I need to buy something on Envato.


There should be a default setting filtering out items older than 1-2 years. If buyers really need to find the older stuff, that option should remain. But it should be an option, IMO, not a recommendation. Ask me again in 5 years and I will stand my ground. I promise I won’t feel sorry if my year-old stuff falls behind in times to come, as long as there’s an opportunity to expose new items. New day, new track.


Hi, Guys! The search system finds one of my items called “inspire” in two pages, 7 and 9.
Is it ok? Or it’s a mistake and it should be fixed?

7th page:✓&view=list

9th page:✓&view=list

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Wow. This is bad.

Prepare to see the “popular files” for next week look exactly the same as it did in February!

Seriously though, how did a conversation about the overuse of the word “inspiring” lead us back to this result??

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Thanks, i’m asking because it’s just a little weird that i have a drop in sales last 3 days, i hope it’s only for holidays, otherwise i’m dead with new algorithm :japanese_ogre:


If you will try to find by the new tracks you can see only new tracks in the moment. If you will choice corporate for example you have only one hour sell one or two times, after the track will go to 6-7 pages. It’s mean no chance to survive. But old tracks which listened to my grandma people will find if try to make regular search.

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