Search Algorithm Update

On the first page of search there is items with 1000s of sales only, and all of these STILL CALLED inspiration, corporate, whatever.

No chance to new authors anymore…

But lot of inspiration, now with thousands sales)))


Explain. Now new search shows on the first page tracks with lots of sales?


Sorry for my English.
What I see now:
New tracks are lowered, giving way to the old, with lots of sales. Yes, it will bring more money to the rich sellers, but would deprive the motivation to write new music all the authors. This recalls not a free market economy. This is reminiscent of a monopoly in North Korea when promoting friends and relatives.

I do not think that Envato does everything so straightforward. I hope the algorithm will be much trickier, and will create a lot of elevators, to promote the new and high-quality music.

According to the most simple mathematical miscalculation, new music is difficult to dial 100 sales for a couple of weeks to get around the old top of authors who appear at the top of search results

I hope you will find a middle ground!


Just type in any a search query - you will see with your own eyes!

Just keep in mind that elite authors wasnt "born" with the elite badge. Why the new authors needs to have advantage over the elite authors. Six years back I was newcomer too and "fight" for the position with Soundroll, ADG3studios, Solidbeats and other. You think it was easy? Who has better paycheck and tretman in "normal" company? Newcomers or workers who are many years with the company? I think we all know the answer. I know the new autors needs to be promoted and needs help but not at the expense of elite authors. I know many of you wont agree with me but this way Envato showed he cares about their Elite authors.
Elite authors creates one or two songs per week and upload them but most of the newcomers has at least 20-30 songs ready for uploading as I had at the beginning! If they upload them rationally (not everything the first day they join) they can do a lot.
I`m sorry if I offended anyone!


Can the search results page not be mixed up a little? One huge selling track, one newcomer track etc. And why is it impossible for the search to look at keywords first rather than title? I don’t see this solving any of the issues raised in the other thread to be honest, but Michelle did say it was a work in progress, so we can but hope!

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I hope, Envato will read my humble opinion :wink:
I realise, that Envato want to grow and i clearly understand ideas, that Soundroll and other top authors was suggested.
Envato, don’t forget that 4-5 years ago all top authors, which we can see now, were ordinary guys with dreams and ambitions. They worked a lot and received their results, which Envato so proud these days!

BUT, other authors want to work hard and have their FAIR results too!
What do i mean: From now, in some categories, we can see tracks uploaded (or last time updated) in 2012-2013.
Production of these tracks are obsolete and off-market! So, if marketplace team (owners, i mean) want to give same sales opportunities to all authors, do SO!

If you decide to change rules - ok, it’s your right!
If we will need to make more relevant description - ok, we agree!
If you want us to name our tracks some other way - ok, we’ll do so!
BUT, let the search algorithm be FAIR. We want to work hard and have our results too!

We want our tracks, also be in search results. NOT only best seling tracks.
If i make modern hybrid track, and name it “Epic Percussion”, but see some old 2013 tracks (which is almost off-market today) in top of search results - i think that search algorithm is not fair.
Market grows, time is passing away, trends are changing all the time, so i think Envato profitable to show in search results modern hot sounding tracks and give market and potential buyers some fresh air every day!

For top Authors there is “Top Authors” and “Popular Files” sections. And as i can see after search algorithm was changed last time, top authors sales didn’t decreased at all.

I respect all top authors for what they have done and keep doing, I respect Marketplace,… but Envato, ask yourself: Do you want Top authors to be everywere?

With best regards, Anthony.
Have a nice day.
I’m out :sunglasses:


Dear Leto. I agree with you, but at the top writers have a lot of leverage for sales:

  1. People know them by name
  2. They have promoted personal websites and social media profiles
  3. They are in section the Top Autnorsa and etc
  4. They have a lot of followers and badges
  5. They are in the top of the sorting Best Sellers
  6. Their tracks have long been used in projects VideoHive - and in any case, will be sold.

I hope than Envato will Leave the opportunity to promote new and hight-quality music in Sort Best Match


all you said is true, but what about market depth in 2010 and 2015?)

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Dear Leto, new authors newer had an “advantage”, but they had a little chance.

I’m paying my respect to all top authors!
But can you please top authors, imagine you will be on new author’s place now? how would you feel?

And remember this all not about top or new authors, this was about just names in search.


Good to see some changes finally!
Hope it will be even more fine tuned with a future testing and updates.


Search works this way only to request “Inspiration”

Try other requests. Even the “motivation” - showing search for new tracks and tracks with low sales as usual.

Strange :slight_smile:

I know this is about the names in search system but its also one steep forward especialy cause last year many updates wasnt good for me but I hoped it will be better. We still need to see how this will affect the sales but Im sure Envato will try to do whats best for all of us.
I agree its very hard to join to this site now but it was always hard cause every beginning isnt easy. Also, at the beginning, the trafic wasnt good and I remember that Soundroll was top author of the month with 75 sales. Envato growing fantastic since then....more items, more authors, more traffic, more buyers...I wouldnt be happy if I just joined but this is not the short race, this is marathon. I also remember when Pinkzebra joined…it was painfull to watch what he was doing to us :slight_smile: He didnt have any videos with his music, no popular files, he wasnt in top authors but now he is the first in top authors.

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I really hope that new search engine will be better… after your latest tweaks videohive search engine is horrible. Just type “logo reveal” in search and on the first page you’ll get 7 files from the same author, who named all those files “logo reveal”.✓&as=0&term=logo+reveal

Everything was much better couple of weeks ago when search was not that much related to the exact file name… it was much more oriented to popularity.

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Very good search system for now! Thank you Envato! :relaxed:

Dinosaur alert!


Recent upload dates need to be boosted more in the new algorithm, so new items can show among the top listings on the first search results page again. Otherwise we’re all going extinct.

Seriously. Extinct.

Not extinct and famous, just extinct.



How I see, the main thing that many people here are thinking about only their own profit, their own money. I’m not saying it’s bad, yes, it is the market, and many authors are coming to make money here.


New track - it doesn’t mean a quality.
Old track (even with many sales) - it doesn’t means a contemporary.

Yes, it is bad when a priority have only top authors or only new authors. But the main thing you need to think is how to provide to customers a quality product. A buyer don’t care who you are - an elite author or a beginner, he just have to be able to find easily a quality music or video project. Thus the whole search should not touch who you are - a beginner or an old man here. Why are here no proposals about how to provide a more better search results to customers? A search results not for new authors, not for top authors, but for CUSTOMERS.
Why, if an author is a beginner his new track should be at the top of the search?
Why, if an author is a top author his new track should be at the top of the search or in the bottom?

I understand you guys when you did a good job, but it quickly fades into background and drowns in the abyss of the market. But I’m sure Envato is looking for a “middle ground” for the search. But also I’m sure that necessary to create the search, in the first place, conveniently for customers, not for authors. Because here will not be a justice - at first it was better for top authors, then it was better for new authors and you could to call all your new tracks “Inspiring”, now again something goes wrong, then someone will find how to cheat the algorithm etc…

My thoughts, the search engine is not a place where you need to think about new or top authors, it’s that place where need to thinking about customers.

Yes I know a lot of anger will go in my address now from you. Because I’m wrong and you are right. :wink:


Couldn’t have said it better. I just hope the changes are still in progress and what we’ve got right now isn’t what we’re going to be left with. It’s now worse than it was earlier this year, and chances at new files getting enough exposure are now severely compromised.

The previous algorithm was perfect in terms of exposure - just remove titles from the equation and bring forward tags and description to take their place.

Ideally, titles shouldn’t have any influence in the (AudioJungle) search results - it’s not a question of finding the “middle ground” in this aspect - I don’t think anyone (buyers, authors, Envato included) benefits from having a title-dominated search algorithm.


Im with you on this! I’ll concentrate on the quality and quantity on my music instead and let Envato do their job and i’m sure my customers will find me eventually :wink: