Seamless pattern rejected. Is it that bad ?

It’s probably because it’s so jumbled with different assets that it’s hard to see what’s going on. I understand that this style is often intertwined and complex, but in this case it looks like a lot of things are different styles which don’t match with the rest. If you took a bunch of vectors that you found online and put them together in this, then it will always be rejected since that is illegal.

It also isn’t completely seamless, as I’ve pointed out in the image below.


oh wow. I uploaded bad version here. But i checked the submitted ones and it was fully seamless. So I believe the main problem is its too many elements of different style ? I didn’t take a single vector from anywhere . it’s all mine.

hi i agree with with all that @XioxGraphix mentioned but i would also personally add that u have some holes here and there and that this is just looking not good enough as such … u either have to introduce more white spaces or to wipe them out completely , i mean apart from making sure that the item is 100% tileable indeed

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Thanks !
would be really grateful if you could elaborate on your comment quoted and give some example from my work ?

COuld you give few examples of his comment about different styles not matching. thank you . I just want to have better idea what to do and how to improve.

mainly about the seamless aspect not being complete indeed , for instance

have a look ash the rose for instance, the stroke is different and it makes it completely different from the rest …