Seamless loop

Hi everyone (If not allowed on here, I’ll delete it)

I’m trying to make a seamless piano loop to upload on AudioJungle, but I simply can’t make it smooth. I’ve tried everything from duplicating the midi files, converting to audio and making fade-in, fade-outs, etc.

I’ve seen videos and read about it, but it doesn’t seem to work. Although, I’ve managed to make it sound pretty smooth, there is somehow getting a chord striking on the upbeat in the song, which I think. isn’t appropriate for the loop. You can see the upbeat in the screenshot.

Have you tried realtime bounce? And use the option Bounce 2nd Cycle Pass. And bounce to WAV-file, MP3 wont loop seamlessly.


Hey there!

There are countless ways to generate seamless loops and some DAWs have specific tools to create them. The basic concepts and techniques are pretty much the same though:

  • IE: If your piano has a even a tiny tad of built-in reverb, release or release samples and you simply bounce, you’ll hardly get a seamless loop. Why? Because the first rendered note won’t have the tail of the last note of your segment. That goes for drums, synths, SFX and basically everything.


  1. Double the music segment you want to bounce as a loop, render the whole project and use only the 2nd repetition as the loop material. That works 99% of the time for me. It’s very important, though, to check that the start and end of your waveform are at zero crossings. It might work eitherway if they match exactly but zero crossing is the safe move in looping.

  2. This one works very well too: render your section with a tail long enough to let all reverbs, delays and time FX to fade out smoothly. Then cut that tail and paste it at the beggining of your audio bounce. Make sure your start and end samples are in zero crossing (you can keyboard type 1 sample fades in most DAWs) and then re-bounce making sure nothing is clipping. Done, you’ve got your loop.

There are many other ways but these 2 almost always do the trick. I don’t use Nuendo anymore but I remember it had a “print” time FX tails in bounce that did the above automatically.

If you want, you can send me the piano part (in audio format, of course) with a long enough tail (4 seconds at least) and I’ll send you back the loop. Also, as @Hyperprod mentioned, MP3 adds a tiny silence gap at the start and end so it won’t work to create seamless loops. You can use Vorbis OGG instead for gaming purposes.


Good advice here!

I think this is what the «bounce 2nd cycle pass» option in Logic does, and I’ve never had problem with loops made this way.


Oh, I’m just noticing the D, E 16th notes that precede the first D chord. In this particular case I would bounce those notes (re mi) separately, paste them at the last 2 16th notes of the loop and start the segment in the D chord. Not ideal, I know, but you are right that it might be a tricky arrangement to loop.

Again, I’ll gladly give it a try if you want.

And yes, the bounce 2nd cycle function is just beautiful. :slight_smile: :curly_loop:


Hi Hyperprod - I’ve tried that as well. I didn’t know about the silence with MP3’s, so thanks for that!. It still adds the chord from the last part in the first start of the song, and that still bugs me! So I’ll keep trying…! :slight_smile:

Hi Wormwood, and thanks for the explanations!

I’ve tried and now I can make a smooth fade from loop to loop, where it sounds right when it loops, but the in the first seconds, I’m still getting some feedback from the last chord which bugs me in the first round!

I’d really appreciate if you want to give it a try!

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Hello guys, I’m so interested in everything you shared but something make me start to overthink. I do loop always on every track, but short one. Like 15 sec (usually a little chorus or a little part usually 8 bars), but I never dig that hard on every step you shared. I always test it and it’s seems to sound good or enough and I just render as it is, inside the project, no fade out, no fade in, does it means I made it in a bad way ?? :grimacing:

If it sounds right, it’s right, hehe :slight_smile: . It’s very different to loop a track that starts with 2 subtle piano notes than a track that starts with a kick drum hitting.

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Ouf, thank you ! !! :woozy_face: