Scroll function does not work correctly & trouble with duplicate pages & save elements to template

Hi there,

I have saved a portfolio page as template and imported this template when I have made a new porftfolio page. However, this page does not look the same.

  1. the columns change. Where everything should be full with, everything appears more narrow, as it is in a column of 1/3.
  2. I cannot scroll easily through the page. When I scroll just a bit, the entire page will scroll down. So I cannot adjust the columns appearance, since I cannot click at any section in the middle.
  3. Also I cannot save sections as a template within a page, when clicking on the 6 dots above each section. I did bought the Elementor Pro variant. So this should work…?

Hopefully someone can help me. Since it would be nice to have the possibility to duplicate pages. Otherwise it will take me much more hours to create exactly the same pages…


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!