Script To Allow Users To Sign-up and Instantly Create a Sub-Domain and Publish a Blog

Looking for a script that will function in the root of a domain

User can sign up (paid) and then they will be able to create their own sub-domain ( or etc …)
Once they have created their username (which is also the same as their subdomain) they can create their own blog.
They would control the content related to their sub-domain via an admin panel but not have access to anyone elses space.
Their blog would allow them to use tags and create their own categories without have other users tags and categories getting inter way.

I have looked for a few years for some script like this but to my knowledge, it does not exist.
Maybe one of you authors will see potential in such a script.

You know, I was actually thinking about doing this as well, but, as with market research, do you read a newspaper? No, you watch it.

YouTube was born and blogs died very quickly, why read something someone else wrote when you can just watch them say it…

Just the 2 cents of marketing…

Also, this is why Blogger and Blogspot is a virtual graveyard or blogs…


  1. On demand services are not allowed
    See licences

  2. Licences FAQ,
    On demand explained

  3. On the other hand basically host companies do not allow you to resell hosting unless contracted

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Who is talking about reselling hosting? Certainly not me.

There are plenty of scripts where a username becomes a subdomain …
Sounds like you didn’t read what I wrote very well.

I appreciate that you do not like to read and prefer to watch things instead but I either run or am part of several blogs that still generate hundreds of thousands of unique views each month.

There are still a great many people who appreciate and value the written word over cat videos and top ten lists … but I get what your are saying

That means kinda reselling hosting… whatever you call it…
But none of my business. Was trying to help you out because you asked a question.
Good luck, anyway.

Regardless of the hosting this would fall under the “on demand” banner and therefore not be allowed

You may be able to find some kind of membership type plugin or buddypress type integration but the output will be fairly restricted and more like a community or social network than a series of blogs.

If you have a sensible budget you could look on for custom solutions but if you plan for the site to be popular then then you’re going to need some fairly solid, robust, secure (and therefore expensive) hosting.

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This would just be a php script, no real hosting needed, each separate account would get it’s own space allocated, not on many hosting accounts but just one.

Isn’t what you are wanting to do is basically your own, and a simpler/blog only version of

It may be just one hosting but realistically it’s going to need to be VPN or dedicated solution to be able to handle it.

For example - 100 users = 100 accounts/subdomains with their own post pages, individual taxonomy, tags, categories, all running off your one server…

more like tumblr than Wordpress … Hosting is not an issue. I have multiple dedicated servers a d a handful of VPS.