Script removed, Envato should manage differently to preserve customers. THe example of Bornsocio

Hi, In several years I purchased many scripts from Codecanyon, Themeforest, etc. Sometimes some script/themes suddendly are removed. No idea why. As a customer, Envato should give me further info, no simply remove. I have to know if the theme/script I purchased is removed:
due to copyright infringiment
because is insecure
because developer is a fellow or simply he will not update a script anymore

Recently I find an issue on script Socioquiz, by Bornsocio. I noticed it was recently removed. No info, no reply from author. There are still other 2 script live from this author, and I’m quite sure they not work/are out of update.
As a customer, if Envato remove a script, should communicate us why. Now I still don’t know the future of my website, based on that script, because I don’t know if author is “died”, or has removed the script because of bugs, or is insecure, or what else

Do many other people have installed this script know the situation?

We’ve had lots of items removed but I imagine that it’s a combination is basic privacy law, and the fact that each case will be different, that prevents envato form giving out more information

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