Script or WP Plugin to LOGIN on Website Account without SHARING login access??

Hi All, i don’t have any idea how to write the exactly Tittle for my request on this thread, here’s what i’m looking for => SCRIPT or WP Plugin (to install in web hosting & domain)

Ok, let me explain in details

So,…i install the script on my website subdomain exp:

the script/wp plugin can do LOGIN on specific website (exp: that i PUT the LOGIN details for that website (my own LOGIN for ), so when some one (my client) visit , he/she will able see my account dashbaord on without know what my login

so, the scrip that i install in , does the job to serve my client

so the concept is => SHARING ACCESS without need to tell them (my client) my LOGIN ACCESS to that specific website

is there any SCRIPT / WP plugin that can do this job ???

please help

Unless I am missing something could you not just create new logins per user but to the same environment that you want to share with other people?

hi, thanks for reply

but in my case,…the premiumwebsite[dot]com (as example in this case) is not mine, it’s simply others people website, tha i join as members

But, i want my client get access to the website, but without need to SHARE my LOGIN access to the premiumwbsite

But the member can access it on specific URL on my domain (exp: )

The concept is SIMILAR like any kind of jacking plugins (if you know Jackjacker plugin)

that’s what i want , but there’s OPTION to LOGIN to the external website,so my clients can access that external website without need to know my LOGIN details to the external website

hope this make sense