script compare

i think it s a good idea to add a section for script comparison.

If you were comparing apples with apples, yes but marketplace is more complex than that and you cannot compare apples with oranges and melons.

Not sure if it make sense for you :slight_smile:

Sure you can, like any other softwares comparision. lets say comparing 2 php scripts for the same topic.

Someone (knowledgable) would need to construct the comparison and even then no items will be exactly the same and there will always be caveats or extras - all which makes it impossible esp on a marketplace with so many items for sale.

What u say is true that is why someone need to purchase it will look for features with price. A script will differ from another one by first it s price and later with it s feature.

That’s the problem you’re missing it. Every item has it’s own “special” features that you cannot compare it with others. You’re not comparing the “same” items with different features, you want to compare different items with different features.

Back to my original comment…