Screwed up big time.. how do I get refund?

Thought I had selected monthly, card declined and I figured it was simply a bank issue as usual so I tried another card, worked fine. Went to hop into bed, checked the iPad and noticed “170 attempted too come out 1 hour ago”… I feel like I had a mini heart attack, I do want the monthly subscription but really cannot afford too pay 170 in one go, how can I go about getting this refunded ASAP? (Envato elements)

Thank you.

Don’t download anything and talk to support Envato Elements Help and Support

I already downloaded things without realising… but I want a month subscription.

please get in touch with envato elements help and support, they will assist you on this yearly to monthly plan migration.

Still nothing from support on this - Ticket Number - 2258223 I really need this fixed and the reviews online are worrying me when it comes to envato support, Not having a live chat is worrying enough if I’m honest.

@charlie4282 charlie4282

Unfortunately there is no one in these forums that can help.

Support are very busy and not always able to respond as quickly on weekends.

They willaddress it as fast as possible