Screenshots of good old AudioJungle / Envato pages :)


I just stumbled over some old screenshots I took a few years ago when I started.

Who else got pictured memories of the good old days here? Thanks for sharing. :smile:



I haven’t really been here long enough to experience the “good old” AJ, but I do keep a little folder containing screenshots of my achievements - sales milestones, badges and other cool stuff. Helps keep me motivated. My next achievements will be making the popular files list and getting a featured item!

There are way too many screenshots to post everything, but here are some of my oldest:

This is May 2015 when I reached level 3 - old badges :smiley:

This one’s my profile (with my old branding :scream:) from July, 2015:

Good times :slight_smile:


Some can remember this:

Or this:


Ah yes, definitely remember those! Good old Baba :joy:


I loved the old forum which seemed to be more integrated. You always had the usual menu bar at the top and you were able to just click on the icon of an author to reach his profile page. :slight_smile:


Agreed. Now we need a bit like to come out to astral from the marketplaces :smiley: to contact and communicate.


Gballx had be always in time to catch him in line untill it was deleted :smiley:


#Class of 2006


The Dawn of Ages, wooow!


Haha, great! Thanks Scotty! :slight_smile:

Selling was a bit easier those times I guess. :anguished:




Yes. :wink:


If anybody is curious to see FlashDen’s early days, this will do most of the job. Almost fully functioning FlashDen :wink:

WARNING: Spoiler Alert! click to un-blur the image.