Scrapes: Purchase code is already exists. Please provide another purchase code

Hello everyone
I bought this software:

I have regular license that psensavo I could use for any of my sites, but when I go to enter the code tells me that it already exists, so I have never used it as I do to restore and use the plug in?
Thank you

The item has been removed from the store yesterday,
Before i even try it.

My purchased code return its not approved by envato.

Hi, I have the same issue. The plugin returned: " Scrapes: Purchase code is validated." but nothing happen …

Hello, it seems the author and his portfolio are no longer on codecanyon.

Please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already. Our Help team will be happy to check into it for you.

I’ll also tag here the item author, maybe he is available to give us a hint on what can be done: @Octolooks


Hi @hevada,

We are having an issue with our account, we wrote all details with the ticket ID 1213525 , can you please help us to speed up the process by contacting Alex C, Author Integrity team lead? Thank you so much.

I don’t have faster access to the Author Integrity team, I’m afraid I cannot help with this. Maybe KingDog could help with speeding up the process, but I am not sure :thinking:

@Octolooks Meanwhile, can you help to reactivate plugin on my page or we need to wait till the issue gone? :frowning:

Follow this thread, as i also facing failed to activate my plugin.

By the way, any update on this ?


Hey Octolooks - is this why I cannot access Scrapes? your fab plugin? I really need to re-download it


they are having a problem with their envato account, we all are waiting for envato support to resolve this which is taking too long.


Hi All,

We are still waiting Envato to answer our latest ticket, in this time span you can contact us from or if you need to download or change your record (By sending your license details). You can also join to our mailing list from so we can keep in touch.

Best regards.



How about status? if not resolve please refund my money.


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i want buy this plugin

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@Octolooks Any update? I can’t able to download the files.