Sci Fi Flyer / Poster Rejected

My latest upload was hard rejected, here it is:

01_space-flyer-poster 01_space-flyer-poster2

This was a remake of an older item that’s still on my portfolio, here it is:


So it could be possible it was rejected for being too similar. But the email said the usual generic message, so as far as I can tell it was rejected on quality. So what do you think? Personally I think the new version is better. If I was going to hang one of these on my wall or advertise a sci fi event, I would use the new version.


This may be a bit of a niche design, but considering Star Wars and sci fi in general are huge (plus the old design got sales during the run up to the American eclipse, and during the 2012 apocalypse) I don’t think there’s a problem with commercial viability of the design…

And the old version was seriously inferior to the new one. :smiley:


Having worked on sci fi projects before I can say that I like the overall use of color and concept, but it seems a bit cliche it elementary, especially the text it lacks a bit of flare and I’ve seen that exact kind of transparent glowing space font a million times. For a DJ you want the poster to look a bit more personalized and energetic because people aren’t going to be all energized listening to calming space pads.

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Thanks for the feedback! There’s always room for improvement with the typography, that’s the aspect of design where I’m still not that satisfied with my abilities. I did go for quite a serious look with the text on this flyer, as it’s supposed to be like a film poster. For now I’ve dialled up the contrast, saturation etc to make the text stand out better. If this revised version gets rejected as well I’ll consider doing something else with the design.


So this was hard rejected again, with the generic “quality not good enough to move forward” message. It’s not a problem as it was really just an improved version of my existing item - so I’ve uploaded it as an update to that item. But I am puzzled by why it was rejected. To me it’s probably the best flyer I’ve uploaded on here. :thinking:

The style looks a lot more interesting than the eclipse one, but smoke looks a bit blurry as if it lost resolution after scaling it up. It also looks like the poster is having trouble between deciding if it is fantasy oriented or realistic. If it’s fantasy oriented, you should probably have something a lot more artistically unique, but if it’s realistic, then it needs to look more accurate and have a more dynamic element composition.

Thanks again for the feedback, I think that’s a valid point about whether it’s realistic or fantasy orientated. Sure it could be better, but it’s massively improved from the original version, which did get sales and seemed to work for events like total eclipses and the 2012 apocalypse. I still can’t come up with an adequate explanation for it being hard rejected. Plus it’s just been included in an official promotion, this collection here -

So it stands to reason if it’s good enough to be in an Envato promotion, it should be good enough not to be hard rejected on quality grounds… It doesn’t matter so much this time, but it makes me wonder about uploading stuff in the future.