School management system


I am looking for a php script for school management system. Our total focus is on sms. It shoul have function like.

  1. SMS for absent student.
  2. per period homework SMS
  3. voice grindings for special occasions.
  4. different access lavel for super admin, admin, parent, teachers, students, Liberian, account management.
  5. use my onw sms api

Please suggests me a script close to my above requirement.

Thank you

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Are you looking for a theme such as something for WordPress?

Or are you looking for a schooling platform, similar to

I’ve heard great things about it, though it’s a bit pricy for some.

There are ways of building things like this into a custom WordPress website.

I’m sure there are some themes out there that cater to a lot and then develop it to suit your extended needs.


i think you can get some idea from the web-school SMS it’s very analogous to your requirement.

Try to get a free demo from them and contact them.

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I suggest PTM360 is the school management software which helps management to systemize, centralize and manage multiple facts of the school. Schools will be able to send automated SMS to parents and
teachers. Language specific SMS alerts & notifications would be sent
right to their smart phone. Parents/teachers would receive SMS for
special occasions & many more features. Check out here to know them:

Are you looking for both web and mobile?
Check out -

Hello Vikash,

I have experince to work on school management systems before. I could provide script for that also can help you in the development.

Please come to discuss more about it; mahi.gupta780

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.



I have worked for couple of school before for the same.

My email ID is

Please contact me to view a demo of that schools for the same. It could be solution for you…