Scheduled Discount not appearing

I have scheduled for a discount but its not appearing. I also see the notice at the side bar as “This item is scheduled for a 20% discount period from 27/10/2023 to 31/10/2023.” and as the date is already passed but the discount is not appearing. The product is Super Floating and Fly Menu - Sticky, side, one page navigator, off-canvas menu plugin for WordPress by hash_themes

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Hi @hash_themes,

Is it possible to share scrteenshot of the Item page where showing:
“This item is scheduled for a 20% discount period from 27/10/2023 to 31/10/2023.”

and from the item edit page discount tab where the discount is scheduled.

Otherwise please contact author support.



Here is the screenshot{time} - Nimbus Capture
And it is visible to the author only.

And Can this be a Codecaynon bug or is it working for other?

Same issue here for VideoHive.

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just I have checked with my own item and found same issue. One more thing I noted I didn’t receive any email from Envato to let me know about the discount scheduled and ‘Delete Discount’ button is active for me. So, definitely there is an issue with the Author Discount Tools.

That’s odd. I don’t have any issue with my item
Did you schedule the discount before one or two days? For example, if you see the date as 29th, but in some countries it’s already 30th. You may need to schedule the discount one or two more days before.

maybe you have set the your item discount few days ago mean already started the discount few days ago. and I think the issue has created recently after 23rd October.

schedule start date from today or tomorrow or any future date will not create an issue because in all those case it should work. You can try to set any of your item schedule from 30th/31th October you will see the issue. schedule start and end date always maintain based on AU time.

I have checked for both codecanyon and themeforest same issue. Discount schedule not working mean item not going for On sale!.

Testing out. One item should have been reset back to original price but is stuck at sale price. I cannot change on the backend to normal price.

Second item is in discount mode but never actually changed to discount price.

AND don’t you just love how techincal things work online? One little coding error, and something goes to pot. I wouldn’t would about AI - that’s only as good as the inputted code as well :wink:

I hope you guys and girls get this sorted :slight_smile: Nite nite and best wishes.


I deleted the discount and then scheduled the discount again and it is working well now.

Thank you everyone.

Hi all!

The issue has been fixed around 7 hours ago. I received the email for my discounted item and the item is now On Sale! Hope the discount tools is working for everyone now.


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