Scary news from Fort McMurray / Alberta / Canada

I just saw these horrible pictures in the news. My sympathy with all those affected by the forest fire around Fort McMurray. Already 2000 houses are burned down.

God bless you!

I live in Edmonton, 4 hours south of Fort McMurray. Today we are starting to get smoke and ash coming in from up north. Most of the evacuees from Fort Mac have migrated to Edmonton and there are plenty of fundraisers happening around town to help them out. Some of the Syrian refugees in our city have lent a hand as well, which is really great since they know what these people are going through.

Conditions are still dry, so fires are still burning out of control. Hoping for some rain and cooler weather in the next few days.

It’s a terrible tragedy, but a miracle that no lives have been lost.

Here is a link to donate to the Alberta Red Cross if anyone would like to help out.

Thanks @UJ-pro for your kind blessings!


Oh my! This is so scary!
Take care and God bless you and all the people there!

What is this world coming to? …

We will see how hard this disaster hits the Canadian economy, with Fort McMurray being a huge player in Canadian oil production.