Scariest and spookiest music and sound effects on AudioJungle

1 - @StefanoCremona - I like the power of the scream, it sounds rotten and scary.
2 - @FrancescoPirrone - Great sound and creates the perfect halloween ambience.
3 - @TaleSound - Very nice track, good rythm and I like the part of the theremin.
4 - @sonic-boom - Very nice atmosphere, creepy and dark.
5 - @DreamnoteMusic - I like the tension created by the musicbox and strings

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  1. Very flexible sound, may be used as short spooky logo. It creates tension and makes you feel like something evil is coming closer. This is one of my items :slight_smile:
  2. Really scary and strange sound make me shudder !
  3. These awesomely scary sounds ranging from Wolf Howl, Scary Door Creak, Heartbeat, etc.
  4. Horror Trailer! This track for horror and suspense movie trailer.
  5. Horror on Halloween is spooky background music for scary spooky horror movie or thriller film.
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@P0U1 Keep going! 2 down, 3 to go! Simply edit your post to add the rest of the tracks you like and want to add. :slight_smile:


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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone!
That’s what i found recently:

Halloween by @LennyStudio
Right solution for a background track, insinuating and stressful. Done well.

Halloween by @stardiva
Sounds classical. Energetic pace, C-moll key uses Cb-major harmonies… Right way!

Halloween by @boomopera
Another Halloween rendition, intense and agressive. And a cautious pizzicato theme by the end… nice.
Ah, and that creepy roar of course.

Scary by @_Blacksmith
This one is full of fairy misterious feelings and unusual key changes. Just so.

And finally…

Dark Halloween sound pack by @PepItUp
Crickets, bat wings sound and squeaking… What else we need for a true Halloween party? :evil laugh:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi! Here is our top 5! Let’s go!

  1. Halloween Dark by @TwinsMusic
    Very atmospheric and really scary dark melody. Without jokes.
  2. Epic Horror Trailer by lucafrancini
    Amazing stuff. Very creepy little child’s voice with big scary sounds. And that whisper…
  3. This Is Halloween by StudioKolomna
    Magical and very epic piece. In the best Hans Zimmer’s tradition.
    4.Creepy Night Lullaby by freddiehangoler
    A really creepy lullaby melody. Listening to it, you realize that this is the last time you sleep.
  4. Horror Violin String Screech by @boomopera
    We just like this sound:) That’s classic!

P.S. We as a new user was only able to put two links.

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There’s a lot of great “scary and spooky” music on AJ. For this selection, the focus has been on the “scary” items, omitting the “skeleton dance party” stuff and instead questing straight for the heart of fear.

Halloween by @SoundTree

This excellent cinematic trailer is sure to raise your neck hair and leave it standing. After a short and intense rhythmic build up, we are showered by epic choirs and powerful orchestration. As in movies like “The 9th Gate” and “The Exorcist”, we are convincingly made aware that all the horror of hell is just a few pounding heartbeats away.

Your pounding heartbeats.

Scary Trailer Riser by @MartijndeBont

Everything you need to convey a sense of the devil knocking down your door in just about 30 seconds. Martijn de Bont is a seasoned specialist in trailer audio and delivers a fresh and compelling sound that is aggressive and fearless, but still nuanced and dynamic. The dark, ominous impacts make for great title cues, and the haunting, threatening background accelerates into a crescendo in black. Your worst nightmare is not far away.

It’s here.

Evolution by @SimpleAudio

For some projects, simpler is better. “Scary” music as we’ve come to know it is typically built on either overstated horror blasts, borderline comical ghost howls, or never a ending loop from a broken toy music box. This is a short, minimalistic background track with just enough darkness to kill your candle light and keep your eyes open. Featuring a futuristic bass line, spacey and understated impacts and pizzicatos, we’re taken far away from home to dark and mysterious places. The sound is slightly reminiscent of movies like “Interstellar”, “Inception” and “Event Horizon”. Our world is full of other dimensions, waiting to be explored.

You’re the explorer.

Child Crying by @AFVentura

Hiding from evil, locked into a closet, this is what it sounds like when everything in your body wants you to scream for your life, but you know you need to be quiet or you’ll sooner than later be dead. The perfect sound to tagline a nightmarish trailer, bring the sound of fear up close and seal the envelope of anticipated horror.

Noone can hear you anyway.

[**Horror Kit**]( by @Stockwaves

This Music Kit will equip you with an intense payload of thrill and suspense for your horror trailer needs. With a condensed and effective array of cinematic ambience, jaw-clenching build ups, thunderous impacts and adrenaline-pumped chase elements, it provides an easy and flexible solution to block-building your own dynamic soundtrack. Everything you fear is there, just around the corner.

Don’t look. Run!


Hello! This is my selection of scariest music and sounds for this year Halloween.

  1. First track is mine :smiling_imp: - Halloween by @SwanMusicStudio. Mysterious atmosphere is created in this track, many instruments and sound effects was used for creating such scary mood. Hope you will like it!

  2. Second track is :jack_o_lantern: Halloween Suite by @gballx. Really liked this track for it’s perfect orchestration from beginning and until the end. If you searching for some “classical” sound and really creepy atmosphere for your Halloween projects you can look closely at this compact track.

  3. The third at my choice will be :japanese_ogre: - Halloween Dance of the Dead by @MValentino. Very nice, wonderful & magical melody in string section, beautiful female choir phrases and strong orchestration creates a quite interesting contrasts in this track.

  4. Next will be the track :footprints: Halloween by @HappyJungle that I think have many instruments and typical signs of nice Halloween music in it’s arrangement - magical piano theme, theremin, harpsichord and many others. This track include wonderful main version with scary evil laugh and two other interesting versions.

  5. And the last will be SFX :ghost: - Ghost Voices by @SuperSoundFactory that frightened me a lot when I listened to it first time. There are some strange words and whispers spelled by children voices.

Happy Halloween and I hope my selection will be useful for you!

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My Halloween favorites 2016 are:

  1. @TheJRSoundDesign
    I composed this Track because I sampled my old studio chair for my other non excl. account TheJRSoundEffect.
    This sample sounded so spooky and creepy that it inspired me to compose this abstract / experimental Halloween Track.

  2. by @MartijndeBont
    This Track is such a creepy, slow developing rising Trailer.
    Perfect for TV Advertisements, Video Intro’s and many more.

  3. by @Astralaudio
    I think this “Master Evil Big Lough” is one of the most scary and authentic Sound SFX here on Audiojungle.
    It’s perfect for video games, websites, or film projects.

  4. by @Blacksmith
    I like this Item so much because of it’s authentic and realistic sounding orchestra samples and the elaborate chord progression Blacksmith used.
    It’s perfect for Advertisement projects, slide shows, ore spooky Film Intros.

  5. by @Totalthrive
    I have chosen this Track because I like the Idea to combine Reggae with Halloween.
    This are two very different genres, but Totalthrive made it work together. :jack_o_lantern:

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How to Enter:
Create a list of the scariest and spookiest 5 items on AudioJungle and post right here in the forums…

You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish…

Among other conditions…


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I tried to choose the tracks from the latest items.

Zombie Grunts by @googleeman
Stinkers are coming for you. You can feel the zombies coming after you. Nice job!

The Halloween by @plaincask
Nice cinematic feel with memorable catchy melodies. Halloween parties are a combination of horror and fun. Plaincask got both in this track.

The Halloween by @Z-Studio
A short orchestral cinematic track of terror. Simple yet effective.

On Halloween by @TwinsMusic
A touching magical piece of music. Nice use of vocals in the track.

Halloween Play by @NoizMan
A creepy track with with my own voice :slight_smile: I tried to combine mystery and fun in this orchestral music.

Happy Halloween!


That’s very kind of you @TheJRSoundDesign to nominate my track…
Thank you so much

Gary @Totalthrive

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Ok… I’ve tried to make it varied .There’s a lot of great stuff out there.

1. Here’s something I made earlier - HAUNTED CAROUSEL
It’s not so obvious as a Halloween track but has all of the elements of Fairgrounds at night ( Scary ), old mechanical toys that switch themselves on ( even scarier ) and clowns ( terrifying ). There was an English TV programme in the 1970’3 called Tales of the Unexpected that had a theme tune with a similar feel.

2. VAMPIRES CASTLE by CrashBangMusic
It’s got the lot …scary organ,scary whistling synth, thunder , laughing and even bats…

3. HOUSE OF HORROR by Martyn Harvey
Quite a sparse uncluttered arrangement but absolutely spot on for feel and composition.

4. SCREAM by Crazy Tunes Is it a scream or a violin ? Or both ? It’s very effective and will give your project that instant " Shower scene from Psycho " feel .

5. SNEAKY MISCHIEF by hakan - erikson Halloween is mainly for kids and this has a light hearted feel of mischievous ghosts and the the gang from Scooby Doo wandering around an old house.

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Here are my picks:

1. by @OnBothSides
This track with sound effect caller phone in the beginning , I would call it a work of orchestral dark fear, just seems to be flying scary pumpkin. Very talented , this is really the theme of Halloween . This I heard only in old movies . This track is ideal for horror films with a comedic tint , and that evil laugh at the end …))))

2. by @stardiva
This track is immediately and humorous nature, and a terrifying , piercing to the brain bone , the vocals are the expression of a flood , these scary skeleton bones tremble around you while listening )))) Perfect for movies !!!

3. by @Dreamsfall
I just love this track , because I immediately find myself on the evening of the masquerade and begin to dance , and tempo increase , and these scary sounds and harmony, and who’s dancing on this evening all in masks !!! The sound of frogs at the beginning and at the end of the breath something terrible !!! Amazing composition !!!

4. by @boomopera
Wow Yes !!! Classic slow going in the dark and something growling and screamy Halloween , and at the same time, alien Halloween , the roars, the screams just make this beautiful harmony composition in a terrible and at the same time interesting, trailer !!!

5. by @BlueLionMusic
And finally, growling, grunting to crawl say something evil smiling pumpkin in a large abandoned scary house ! Incredible loops ! Amazing composition ! Spy Halloween ! perfect for cartoons and movies on the theme of Halloween !!!

Hello friends!
1. A little bit of hip-hop a little of cartoons, a little voice ghost, a little humor …
The frightening and at the same time cheerful melody.
I was inspired by the Addams family and old horror movie. by MusicMuseum
2. This night carnival! Laugh at the beginning of a very scary! by AcousticBro
**3.**Excellent quality, and I like the cartoon percussion. pinkzebra
4. How can you frighten no lightning? Boom! by Beathoven
5. A dynamic composition. by HappyJungle

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Thanks for the mention :wink:

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Hey, let’s go!

  1. by Z-Studio - excellent for background halloween video
  2. by MartynHarvey - I think it the best for prunkers who wants to make special atmosphere before scary someone
  3. by Lucafrancini - this voice is so blast and powerful part with different scary fx sounds… awesome
  4. by A12inchRecord - varies tempo and fun part made this track great for some cartoons. Excellently done
  5. by Nuclearmetal - best for prunkers who want’s to make funny halloween projects. Sounds good with eerie background music



Hello everyone! That is my favorite list of halloween items:

  1. Trick or Treat Halloween Intro by @beeemusic - An orchestral track that mixes very playful melodies. I love this item.

  2. Halloween by @MagicMusicStudio - An unconventional approach to music halloween. Nice sound and ideas.

  3. The Halloween by @Z-Studio - One from my items about the Halloween. It is dark and mysterious music good for scare video.

  4. Halloween Disco by @pmwa - Good idea to use sound like Ghostbusters.

  5. Halloween by @TaleSound - I love fast Halloween melodies.

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  1. by @Z-Studio
    Beautiful job with really mysterious and dark sound, very gotic. Best choice for halloween video projects.

  2. by @LuckyBlackCat
    So scary and dark cinematic halloween. Like this choir and massive sound.

  3. by @Light_Sound
    Amazing halloween with very scary but cartoon sound) Сanonicity saw with wobble makes this track special.

  4. by @TwinsMusic
    Very tasty big sound with powerful brass and organ - great choice for your video!

  5. @SonicPulse
    Very fast track with cool sound and dark atmosphere. Good mixing and effects. Good for many projects.