Saying "Like I said" is being rude?

A customer asked us the same question 3 times, and I had to reply back saying “Like I said, …” and "… as I have stated before. "

The customer thinks we are being rude, which we were not trying to be. They literally repeated the question on the same ticket, thinking the answer would be different.

The customer then proceeds to rate us 1 - star because we are being rude.

Answer to their questions has been correct and the same.

Envato Author support won’t remove the rating because the customer can be subjective.

How fair is this? My “subjective” opinion would be that this customer has insulted my intelligence asking the same question 3 times. How can I rate this customer as being rude?

You can contact Envato support with the details ( screenshots ) and request a removal of the comments. They may check the details again but they may reject your request. In this case, you can only post some reply.

Remember that you can’t make everyone happy and 1 bad review won’t change anything - although, it’d make your reviews more realistic. ( While everyone is discussing the removal of the reviews at the forum now )

“Like I said” could be translated wrongly if the client is not native English speaker, to avoid issues, just say " On our previous message, we have already explained and here’s the answer again " and copy/paste the same thing or just ignore if it happens more than twice

On the positive side, now, you can delay his support request and/or answer him once in a week :joking: :stuck_out_tongue:


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If you have the screen shot of the conversation then send it to the admins and if they find out that it is the customers fault then they will take necessary actions. To be honest The quote that you have mentioned ’ like I said’ is a bit rude using while talking with a customer. Just saying from my point of view.

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