Saturday chat: free or commercial code

Let’s have a small chat about free or commercial.

If you are a developer, you know that writing code takes time. And time is money. We, the developers, we write code every day. Sometimes we offer it for free, otherwise for money.

How do you choose when your give your code for free (putting it on github or similar repositories) or when it sell it for money (selling it on various markets)?

I thing the same applies for designers though. And for video editors or audio creators though…so please feel free to share your thoughts

Most usually you want to make free the code you write that is highly re-usable and usually doesn’t provide a full solution (eg: only a library vs a complete application). So if you write a library it’s most likely going to be free, as there are not a lot of people buying libraries or scripts.

I don’t know of many full applications, written by individuals and not large companies, which are free and were intended to be free from the start. Not so many people think: “hey, I should start a 6 months project to create a facebook clone and then open-source it”. Usually the ones who do this are actually looking to promote themselves through open-source projects or simply do it with passion.