SASS or LESS or even both?

Hey guys,

I just started learning SASS. At all, it’s beautiful and I really like it.

But there is also LESS. What do you guys think, should I continue working with SASS or switch fast to LESS?

How does it come to products: Is SASS better to offer than LESS? Or would both be better?

Let me hear your opinions. Currently I’m planning to create my own User Interface (Maybe it’s more an entire foundation) with a lot of components like Bootstrap - and even much more own creations. I’ve started creating it with SASS so far but I got troubles what’s better now… :nerd_face:

Regards, eliteCode :blush:

Both really do the same thing and are supported on many platforms. SASS is more popular so your users are more likely to be comfortable with it, but because the difference in syntax is so minimal it really wouldn’t matter.

SASS has a few edges over LESS, such as improved/easier loops and more concise if/else statements with mixins, and LESS is faster than Ruby SASS, but hardly.

So just develop in whichever preprocessor you’re comfortable with! :slight_smile:


Alright. Fine. I’ve been reading now a lot of articles about the differences and came across the point that SASS is more popular and seems better to be (just on some small points).

I think this is a common question and will help other authors too as I can only recommend to use SASS or even LESS on projects. It’s wonderful.

Thanks for your great answer @baileyherbert :blush:

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If you know the basics of programming such as looping, functions…etc then SASS is better for you other than that LESS will do the job.