Sandstorm not working properly


I just purchased the Sandstorm action and I have issues using it
Everything is set as in the tutorial video.
I use a brush (any color) and start brushing the left side of a person in a picture.
When I click LEFT in the action I receive a lot messages like : Current command Select is currently not available, the command SET is not currently avialble, the command HIDE is currently not available…this goes on and on, when I click ‘continue’ on these messages (there appear about 50 during the action), the end result is very very bad.

My settings
MacBook Pro
Photoshop CC2017
Photo I work on is set as and named as 'Background’
I create a new layer ‘Brush’ to use the brush
Images I tested on are both a RAW and a JPG file
Color is set to RGB, 8 bit
Image size is 5000 x 7000 pixels
Reolution set to 100

In other words, what is wrong, why is this not working properly?

Thanks in advance


Problem is in CC2017, there are lots of bugs when play steps in action.
You have to contact the author if you want to solve the problem.