Sample Packs


I’m sorry if this sort of post is not allowed here, moderators feel free to remove it if this is the case…

I’ve put together a small sample pack of guitar riffs whilst having a break from composing and thought I would share it with the community (download from I’ve not idea how popular this will be so in an effort to stop the marketplace being flooded with submissions using the same samples I will remove the pack once it has reached 20 downloads.

A little about the pack:
13 rock guitar riffs all in the key of A minor and at 120bpm
All double tracked for a thicker, wider sound and played on a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio.
The Hiwatt emulation in Guitar Rig was used and the samples have been processed using Crave DSP EQ and Waves Scheps Omni Channel.
A small amount of reverb and tape delay has been used to give the samples a bit of depth but they have been kept relatively dry so your own effects can be added.

I hope these might be useful to some of you and if you have any questions or requests for further packs, please let me know!



Nice pack, mate! You should do a big pack too, those are super useful!

Thanks, glad you like it!
It seems like quite a few people are interested in these!