Sample Data Feature Breaks Wordpress

Every time I use a theme by ThemesFlat author and use the “Import Sample Data,” feature, it blocks me from using Wordpress from BlueHost to customize the theme.

Issues with the following themes:

  1. F&O Financial Consultant
  2. Finance themes

Today, while in the BlueHost admin panel, I was able to upload F&O theme and import sample data. The webiste uploaded fine and resolves perfectly; however, when I try to customize using wordpress dashboard, I get the “Sorry, You are not allowed to access this page”–which BLOCKS ME FROM USING WORDPRESS.

I use BlueHost and when I first had the issue with the Finance them about a week ago, they weren’t able to get in either. It took almost a week to resolve the issue. They said the issue was the theme: Finance.

Knowing this, I tried over 10 themes from different authors. Imported sample data. No issues, except for two by the same author. Should I be doing something different when I use themes by this particular author? Could there be an issue with their themesflat plugin? Because I had no issues with the theme until I use the Import Sample Data feature.

Or am I doing something wrong?