Same item many Sales

shortly before, one costumer bought 24 pieces this item :

I am surprised…this is the normal?

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Thats not normal. Unfortunately. Congrats :slight_smile:

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WOW! It’s very cool! Congrats!)

It has never been before… Thanks Guys! :slight_smile:

Was it an individual or a company? (Or your mother? :wink: )

What dione man?. what mother ? Therefore you might lose your job. I saw many people fired from AJ. Choose your words properly. 3.5 years I’ve worked here.

Sorry, was just curios of who needed 24 licenses. Wasn’t my intention to imply anything and the mother thing was a joke. That’s what this :wink: symbol was for.

no problem. but this is not funny. It is an offense to buy own songs. This is the reason for dismissal. so I wrote on forum because i think maybe has a problem.

And when you post in forums you will get questions. No one will punish you if you haven’t done anything, wish you all the best!

Yes it is.
but the joke is not funny. Thanks!

I ever got a customer that bought 10 licenses in a song, and then I asked support. Just afraid if there was a trouble but support team said it was normal thing that a customer bought many licenses in one song. Maybe they actually really need it for many serial projects. Btw, congrats for that!! :wink:

Good News. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Lucky you :wink: Congratulations mate :tada:

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