Same excerpt for each post in Avada theme

hi there, i can’t seem to figure out how to change the excerpt of text seen for each blog/post i make this is in avada.

link and image included

The @ThemeFusion_Support folks will be the best placed to help you out with that one :slight_smile:

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Yes please get in touch with our support team, you can signup for an account with these steps:

If you see the same except, then it means you are using a custom excerpt through the default WordPress excerpt field. Open a post, and look for the custom excerpt field below the main editing field, if you do not see it then click “Screen Option” in the top right corner and check the box for custom excerpt of it shows and you can edit the excerpt or revue it.

By default, excerpts in Avada are pulled from the post and not custom which is common.


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thanks. amazingly i found the solution. still trying to figure out what themefusion is vs. envato, etc…

ThemeFusion create the Avada Theme, Envato is the company behind Themeforest who sell the template on ThemeFusion’s behalf, Envato sell content on behalf of developers

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