Same Customer Buys Same Song Regularly?


One customer (video company) bought the same song 5 times in last 40 days (and every time million broadcast license). What does that mean? Should I contact them and ask to explain? Anybody had the same experience?


What that means to me is that you are very lucky and that the track may be used in a variety of different productions that do not warrant a larger license.


Maybe,I have no idea…


This probably means that customer is a creative agency who making videos for other clients and this track works for him very well, so he don’t want to waste his time searching for a new song everytime. Relax :slight_smile:


It’s usual situation!
Sometimes customers need your track for more than 1 videos)
For each new video they should by the new licence!


So it happened before ? Ok :slight_smile:


A friend of my mine - an elite author whom we all know :wink: - has a recurring buyer who has purchased (with no exaggeration) a particular tracks of his AT LEAST 50 times so far, probably much more…