Salient Theme won't save on-page edits after launch

Hello, first time commenter here. I’ve launched a website yesterday that, after the fact, there were a few issues on some of the pages for formatting. I’ve tried going in to update them and launch the changes, but none of them are registering after saving/refreshing. For example, when I go to switch an Inner Row from 1/2 + 1/2 to just 1/1, I hit update, I refresh the edit mode page, and it looks as if the change didn’t go through. Has anyone come across an issue with saving/updating for this theme?

I’m using Salient 15.0.8. Happy to provide any further context on request, and appreciate any insight y’all can provide. Thanks!

There’s a more recent version of the theme which you should be using.

If that (and making sure WordPress is up to date) does not work then contact the author.