Salient and WooCommerce

I have Salient version 8.5.4 and have had page transitions turned on. When WooCommerce recently updated to version 3.3.3, the shopping cart page would no longer send people to the checkout process via the “proceed to checkout” link in the shopping cart page. The only way to get to the checkout was to hover over the icon at the top right of a page and use the slide out and choose “checkout” from there. Of course, not everyone does that, most go view the cart, first, and then expect to be able to proceed to checkout via the cart page. Once I turned off page transitions, all worked properly again. However, I am disappointed that I can no longer use Salient’s page transitions with WooCommerc, now. Is there a fix for this or will Salient be doing an update that will address this issue?​

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The author of that theme @ThemeNectar may be able to provide some details. I’ll tag them into this thread.

EDIT: Looks like they don’t have a forum account. Here is their support information -