SalesRobot [Update] - Sales tracking app for authors!

yesterday i used but it didnt matched with envato statements, it was showing wrong earning than showing in envato statements. in start of jan i get few referral earning but salesrobot was showing few seconds ago. is its a bug or i didnt understand it properly.

Very good app. Is there custom range to select for days.

I love using Salesrobot but since I changed some names of my items it is showing insane earnings much higher than before, isn’t there a way to reset everything to have the right numbers ?


Sorry, there isn’t such a feature in the app :frowning: But if you can tell me what is your username that you used to login in the app (is it Cream-Motion?) I might be able to manually delete your account.


Yep that’s my name ! Thank you !


Can you or someone comment on the safety?
Where are the passwords safed? Communicated to your server? Hackers hacking and changing your PayPal address etc… am I paranoid? :slight_smile:


It dosent need a password - its login with the envato api keys
and i think its not working now.

@nickys Is it possible to add current balance somewhere (not earnings)?

Is this still working ? Tried logging in but get stuck on “Please wait while I fetch all your sales.”

Sales Robot works like charm, one of my favorite tools.

My most checked website is down :disappointed:

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Works now, thanks @nickys

Hi @nickys, salesrobot is down for weeks :frowning: please bring it back to life, thanks.

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Still Down :frowning: Please bring it back :slight_smile:

its down again :disappointed:

Any updates?

Hello there! Put it online again and create an subscription plan to it. I am pretty sure that many users will subscribe, because this app is incredible.


Will work again, or perhaps there are analogues?

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