Sales Statistics/Revenue Question

I’m looking on Audio Jungle and I see that one of the top selling tracks is listing sales of 9303. The cheapest license available is $20. Does that mean that this track sold 9303 licenses at $20 per license? = $186,060.


Does it mean that it has sold 9303 total licenses - some of which may have been Film/TV licenses at $499 or $899 meaning that the revenue could be significantly more than $186,060?

Or is there another calculation?

It means it was sold 9303 within all licenses. You don’t know which ones. But you get the idea, the revenue is, at least, “number of sales” x “min license price”.


but beware, the current price is not necessarily the license price it used to be (it was released in 2012).


Much appreciated! Thank you!

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