Sales Prices Differ

Hi! I just have a quick question I didn’t find a proper answer to. I noticed that I got one (1) dollar more in sales and I didn’t quite understand how that is possible. The cheapest items on audiojungle costs 1 dollar for the buyer and I usually get 0,5 dollar per one of these sales. Now I have 4 sales on the item and I’ve earned 3 dollars. So how does this math work since I’ve only seen half a dollar and none other fractions on my account balance? Are my compensations more specific than 0,5 accurate and the earnings balance is just rounded, or am I missing something here?

Thank you in advance for any answers!


Maybe one of the item was sold under multi-use license type? like 0,5 + 0,5 + 0,5 + 1,5 = 3

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Ah, makes sense! I might have been off by 0,5 so it was a 1,5 sale instead of 1 dollar sale. Thanks a lot for the answer!

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You’re welcome! Don’t forget to check your Earnings page often. There are a lot of useful information about your sales :wink:

Thanks for the tip and I’ll try to shape up! But all in all I honestly find the site somewhat confusing at times and the forum’s search tool is kind of weird. I find better results to my questions like this one by searching same key words in google and adding “audiojungle” after them than I actually find here with the search tool. :smiley: