Sales Position Number in Dashboard

I don’t think that the number of sales in Dashboard is reliable or real, i just refreshed the page a few times, one time the number was 2392, than 12392. Someone else can try this ?

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There are two numbers. One is the position on envato and the other is the position on audiojungle.

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“You’re ranked 2392nd for sales on AudioJungle” under “Fun Fact” in dashboard. Where are the two numbers ?

These positions have little influence whatsoever. Just refresh the page and so on until you reach the right number. Immediately two numbers you will not see.

I refreshed the page 5/6 times and i saw only those two number “2392” and than “12392”.

That’s right. 2392 position on AJ, 12392 position on Envato.

I don’t understand, what does it mean ? i’m 2392 for sales in this moment or 12392 ?

2392 for Audiojungle
12392 for all Envato’s marketplaces

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Thanks @PurpleFogSound and @CleanMagicAudio :slight_smile: Now is clear.