sales is stop in month of May why ? please help

My sales are fully stopped in the last week, i don’t know why this happening, please help me and check server and hosting, is my domain link open in your areas or some hosting IP issue may be. link is following. if another reason can be please help me.

Error your website message, below follow image, you can fix better design, typography, colors, etc for good sales. thanks.

thank you @jeriteam007, this is a jQuery error i ll fix it. but other my running item is also stopped from the last week. please check my domain error and server connectivity in your area. may be some other problem with other items. please check the following.

Your website works on my area. (Baku city, Azerbaijan).

Do you think this might be becuase of an SEO related issue? There have been a few recent Google algorithm updates, which their webmasters blog about a bit

thank you chernPix, one more help if you have cheapest way for promotion product please guide me. i ll be thankful to you. and also please help me about my new template. it has no sale yet. i don’t know why ? link is below

Thank you for your reply, can you help me about SEO, and about recent algorithm of google. i ll be thankful to you for this help. and please give me cheapest way for marketing or promote products.

May be for this experiment :


You are 100% right !!!

Experiment killed all items

sales for the last 3-4 days are mess!

Page Experiment killed all my 5 latest new items. I really regret upload them during this Experiment.

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The same here.
I have 3 themes uploaded and today new one… Right in experiment time :(.

Hope this experience to be off this week, to have sales again.


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Sorry to say this but this experiment started like 2-3 months ago and they said it will be over within few weeks but that did not happen. This experiment is here to stay as they have stopped listening to us. Greed has taken over Envato.

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Yes you are write. If you know they promise to this:

Next planned test

“” In the long term, we believe the category page will be the best way to display a range of items to our customers and are working on a new iteration of the category page currently on WordPress and some of its child categories. We’ll have more details to share on that in a few weeks.

We will be closing off the discussion in this thread in a couple of days, as we will be opening up another post in the following weeks to keep you updated on upcoming experiments and changes. ‘’

Where is changes or new topic now?

Category Page experiment killed are sales of new items. Instead of it , Old , Outdated items’ sales are increased…

A few days ago, Envato slightly changed the filter design, but the old sales still don’t return :sneezing_face:

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