Sales from USA

After announcement of changes in taxes, sales from the US were gone. The most part of my income was from buyers in the USA. How you think, it is bad luck or bad tracks, or Ukraine location, or other reason? Thanks:)

Buyers dont’t care of our location (upcoming laws do though). So I guess just bad luck.

Hope things will go better for you soon.

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Thanks) I hope too:)

I have the same problem and many other authors also facing the same problem, US traffic is almost gone since New Year. For the last 12 days only $87.50 earnings from USA, whatever is it, it’s scary, terrible and non acceptable.At the end we all live from what we do.

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I have posted the same “issue” in the sales monitor thread.
Since 2016 i have very low US traffic and sales… now maybe 5% of my sales are from the US.
Before 2016, i have had on average around 60/70% sales from the US.

Im a bit worried to be honest, but since it has been a holiday and people are slowly starting to work again, i hope that’s the real reason for such a decrease of US sales.

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I too have been affected by this since my main buyers are from USA…TROUBLING TIMES AT THE MOMENT FOR ME AT THE MOMENT.


Me too. Now nothing from us

Our US sales dropped by 50% or so starting from the end of November.

me too! last year’s January is very active.

No sale :cold_sweat:

About the same for me…

Not quite sure what happened in April!

The same for me. Today it was my first sale in USA and I’m getting a lot less money than before (just in USA sales)…