Sales from Australia is so low though Envato is base on Australia?

Hi all,
As we all know Envato is base on Australia, however looking at the sale tracking statistics, sale from Australia is so low, never be on my top 10.
My question is what’s the reason:

  1. Envato awareness is Australia is not big enough?
  2. Themes (WordPress) are not widely used in Australia?
  3. Design styles of the authors on TF do not attract Australian buyers?
  4. You name it…
    Looking forward to hearing more feedback from other authors.
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Same here!

Australia not in top 10 :slight_smile:

Australia is not big market, in my opinion.

@miyachi_hikari I see you are from Japan. :slight_smile: I was also wondering why we don’t have more customers from Japan? ( at least according to my sales tracking statistic )


From what i see, i have more sales from Europe :slight_smile:


It’s just the size of the market. I don’t think it has much to do with the site being Australian or not.


same here dude.
Japanese design style is very different from the rest.

Actual Japanese style is mostly base on Graphic image & Typo Design (Janapanse Character, Strong Typo…like some anime, manga). So you know the Japan Web industry there still heavily rely on designer/artists who create static & unique design to their clients.
Sad but true, I must say my country poeple is somehow conservative and actually an old country. Old people still plays very important role in the society so they will stay away from interactive (Css animation may bring headache to them…). They like big-font sites, easy to read, accessibility… more than just the UI. And they have their won rules, behaviors…that is quite different from the rest.
Some big agencies I know have been gradually trying to approach WordPress to some customer but they are not so interested in WP as they end users they don’t update the site too much. Static websites still get a lot of market shares in the Web industry.


My Earning in all time Australia take 3rd place :slight_smile:

We are Australian and our sales look like this since joining in 2009. image

The population of Aus is only 23 million
UK is 64 million
USA is 318 million

So its just the amount of people.


My No 1 buyers are from Japan.
Australia is No 6. It’s is a bout my Audio Jungle music.

Australia is #10 for me (all time). :slight_smile:


I agree with @dtbaker that population plays a huge role but there’s a ton of different factors at play here!