Sales Dropped 100%

Hello everyone,

Before days, i have submitted my tax details, after that, my sales dropped 100% !
I was selling about 2-4 scripts per day, but now nothing for 4 days !

Is there any connections between them?

Thank you,

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Too many factors involved for low sales. Christmas and new year contribute strongly to this and recently the search algorithm has been changed which adds up to making this even more mysterious :mask::mask:

The best thing to do is to sit tight and allow the holiday season to come to an end :+1:


Hey mate,

Because buyers are busy with christmas preparation, Hope sales will be normal after New year :smile:



I see,

There is so many sales drop after that last search algorithm change, hope Envato get it back as it was, are yo facing the drop too ?

Thanks :smile:

Hope it is the reason, not the search algorithm change.

Many thanks for your reply :smile:

Kindly Regards,

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It is slightly slow but hopefully will break even towards the end of the month and average out.

Try to make some adjustments to your items title to make use of all 100 characters and improve the description as well. Currently your title is making use of only 50 characters. A tweak like this might help improve google traffic to your item and increase your sales. Surely beats doing nothing for sure and worth a shot.

Good luck :+1:

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yes ,sales are dropped about 50-70%,just after i submit my tax infos.

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Yes, i think so too, I have visited your portfolio, and i can see all your items title are long, did/do you feel any changes on the sales ?

I see, i think as @JoomlaBuff said, maybe Christmas preparation.

I made those changes after noticing traffic dropping drastically on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of December. Traffic has normalized since this change but I do not know if it helped at all and could just as well be a coincidence.

Fact is, other marketplaces offering bundles and discounts affects my traffic somehow and they were aggressive during black Friday and extended their bundles further. I’m guessing it lasted till the 7th of December but this is only my personal observation.

I notice this as I’m subscribed to their news letters and traffic is usually slow during those periods :joy: :joy:

With this change, I hope to bring back some traffic and can only be positive in the long term.

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If someone drops on sales, someone gets more. thats all


Exactly as you said ! :smile:

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hi, its seem same action on me… after submit tax form [in case, we have no tax ID, tax holding for us is 30% on US purchase ]…no sales count after this. When i check on my dashboard, when i saw my author rank increase, e.g: 1050 [before refresh page] to 1044 [after F5 my dashboard], in my experience, my sales count will be increase after few hours or a day…but now, after few days, till nothing happen… Even, new online item till get no sale for 5 days after release date on themeforest, you can check it from my profile… it never happen before… Anyone, can you share us your opinion ?

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Basic rule number one:

The buyers Shopping only during working hours

Maybe that fills part of working time, but that’s a fact!

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I filled tax form, my sales act normally :smiley: (a little drop for holiday)

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I don’t fill any tax form. But my sales dropped 50-70%. I think it’s just Christmas preparations and in the next mounth everything will be fine.

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It’s not about the tax form. This happens every year, no worry. It’s just holiday season :grinning: :evergreen_tree: :gift:

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don’t think so, I just guess the buyers are busy buying presents and making holiday preps :wink:

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