Sales down 70% from 2018 to 2023 !!! Terrible status! What do you think about the future?

Example : Screenshot by Lightshot

Publish from 2017: Now sales from 18$ to 14% but no sale

You can even put price to 2 dollars, but if the item doesn’t have value, it will be always pricey and not needed.

Customers search quality and useful features. Period.
In 2024 the WordPress-golden-age-rush already took basically any possible niche that might have success. Top authors developed tools that are basically impossible to replace and they have a huge market share.

Look at your existing portfolio. Hope you have some product with real potential. Care to your existing customers and focus on them.

The price matter is pointless. You will only attract bad customers without any budget (as said, I am surviving since 2022 only thanks to my two bundles: 99 and 59$).

Elements matters with graphic/video/audio. Only a desperate user/webagency would use Elements products for a serious website. They do not even have support entitlement!!

And for the God’s sake, stop begging for Envato answer hoping they will save your 4ss! Six months passed since this thread has been created: what did you do guys to improve the situation…?


Your marketing of Bunble is no different from selling cheaply like Elements.
Overall, this undermines the market and devalues your efforts.

Are you sure?
Don’t you think I created an excel sheet calculating my bundle and single-products incomes? :smile:

I get more from a bundle sale than what I’d do from single products sales. It’s a matter of Envato percentages taken on the final price.

More incomes per sale, more incomes per support renewal. Better customers. It’s a win-win-win case.

Whenever I publish a new addon, the bundle price increases proportionally. I never did a discount campaign in 12 years: quality must be paid, and my customers know it.


For sure! My speech was about item prices and not about bundles :wink:


I found a few items on Codecayon that are being implemented in the Sass model,
Envato is allowing authors to deploy this service.

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Wow, big news. Envato is acquired by ShutterStock


On the forum, there’s a thread already:


Template monster
And many other if you will search

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You can’t imagine how incredibly low the number of traffic to templatemonter is. In my opinion, it is 1/100000 of envato

Why did elements revenues suddenly drop by 70%? We wonder what happened all of a sudden. It’s really sickening. Big disappointment! As authors, we have to meet on new platforms where our labor is not stolen and fair income distribution will be ensured!


It’s called evolution. This is why we don’t use the horses to carry us, so the horses are not so hip anymore. So, if you have AI, why on earth would you buy a graphics? Is it that important to buy? Solving problems is not about making purchases. Also, Etsy is now far better model for digital assets. One big mover, the WordPress, that is plain crap, everyone knows it by now, people are just not reliable enough to take care of things. So, times are changing, so should you, maybe a job in the entertainment business? :slight_smile:


Who wants to buy one WordPress theme for $59 while Envato advertises thousands of WordPress themes, plugins and other items for just $16 in Elements ??!!!
Everywhere is Elements advertisement!
Envato should stop selling code items in Elements! Otherwise, because of low income, authors have to leave the market, and Elements and market without active authors and updated items is like a cemetery!

Everywhere is Elements advertisement!

Get 2 MONTHS of your first year with Envato Elements FREE. Unlimited downloads, millions of creative assets.


No exactly, there are just too many items and the good ones do not get any traction. It takes around 8-9 months developing a product it gets 10 visits a day it lowers your morale. Eventually good authors are forced to move away from the market. Another issue is that of subscription licensing for products since envato has only 1 time sale model, AI products which use services are a subscription cost can not be sold on envato.

Mine Is Good :smile:
For me it take 2 minutes.

How’s everyone’s sales this month?

The month started dramatically, but this week was one of the best in the past 12 months


Haha, it’s complete opposite for me, first time no sales for almost 8 days :slight_smile:


Well, it’s because of my bundles + my licensing system, not for Envato :sweat_smile: (actually 36h since the last sale, for example)

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Your last sale was $39 5 days ago.

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