Sales are dead dead dead

14 days without sale and didn’t reach the monthly withdrawal, I am not optimistic and it sounds like the rest of the month will go on without any more sales this is never happen to me since 2018 I have also tried the new discount tool without any luck :disappointed: maybe this had something to do with this drop ?, What is the problem ? Is it with my items or with themeforest and codecanyon markets ?

This is not a huge drop this is a deadly drop

If I earn like you sir , then sure I will lean envato and start my own business :slightly_smiling_face:

This is my own business already :slight_smile: Envato is the market where we sell

While sales are definitely down (as always this time a years), to be fair, looking at your portfolio, you haven’t released anything new in almost two years. Sales will only go down for you. You can slow it down by at least updating all your items so any potential customers will see that they are not abandoned. Especially that WP theme of yours - you haven’t updated it for more than a year, no experienced buyer will buy that. Updating your items to comply with current WP requirements (more info here WordPress Requirements Update and New Gutenberg Optimized Attribute) is also a good idea to boost sales a little bit.

Actually my lasted uploaded item was 5 months ago and it was built with react js so I am not abandoned however I requested to remove this item because it was abandoned

Yup :blush: I understand, but we have to expand business at another level.