Sales are at all time low :(

Sales are at all time low. After the introduction of Envato Elements sales are going down with each passing day. Anybody has any other ideas for growing income ?

Would love to hear some ideas about how to grow sales, Iam still new here so I can’t help for now :grinning:

All The Best. You joined the market at wrong times. Its hard now to earn money. In the past its easily cross 100 sales mark for an item and now its only 4-5 sales per item.

Nothing helps like building a brand around your items. Grow them as a group, market them on all social platforms and make your own brand site/marketplace with referral links at first. Do stay focused on one or two groups of items. Don’t get too complicated, because less is usually more. Can you make an overnight success? Probably, but your chances are slim, like 0.005%. You can increase your chances if you do it step by step and grow as it grows, and in a year or two you’ll get the results. I’ve already mentioned to @cssninjaStudio that having a rhythm is also good. Get your items out at least once a month if you’re in Site Templates business, if in Graphics/Music, you should release a new item at least once a week. Thanks!


I think @dzeriho is right, since Envato is doing most of the SEO and traffic work for us. I personally start doing some advertising on twitter and facebook to try to increase traffic. But I my own case, success will be first related to developing my portfolio and my brand.

Concerning your case @loveishkalsi, I had a look at your TF portfolio and I saw that you sell mostly muse templates. Most of them have low sales? I don’t know muse and I bet you are more qualified than me to say this, but is this type of product still popular ? Would be a nice question to answer whatever the answer actually is. Then you could know that your sales are low because your templates don’t really reach their supposed audience or simply that muse is not as popular as it used to be. I don’t know, just trying to elaborate on this :slight_smile: . Thanks !

Muse has good market share than some other CMS templates. But problem comes after the introduction of Envato Elements, where you can buy hundreds of muse templates for just $29. On themeforest average price of a muse template is $18. So we lost so many potential buyers just because of elements.

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