Sales and taxes


I just started selling my first item on videohive and I noticed that besides the 37.50% fee I also lose 20% of the total earnings. So someone buys my item then first of all I lose 20% ( which is not visible in the calculation when you open the “statement” section) and then I lose the 37,50%. I am living in germany and already submitted the W8 formular.

Where are the 20% drain coming from?



The 20% is what Envato calls the “buyer’s fee”. It’s a fee buyers have to pay to be able to buy items on Envato.

Sure it makes little sense, but it’s Envato’s story and they’re sticking to it. (but we see you Envato!)

It is not visible in the calculation because it’s a thing between Envato and the buyer. You’ll also notice that even though those 20% don’t appear in your statement, the item price is different from the list price (item price=list price-20%), so all in all, it checks out.

Basically, when you start out as a new exclusive author, you get 50% of your sale (list price). And you work you way up to 70% commission.

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Thank you! I first thought it is somehow related to the country you are living in. But that makes it clear

Cheers! :slight_smile: