Sales almost stopped from last 4-5 days

Never had such low sales. Never.

Ok, July.
Ok, Covid.
Ok, people are now all outside and on holidays.

However Analytics doesn’t reflect this change at all:

I saw the Codecanyon homepage change. Totally sure isn’t involved somehow?
In any case this might be indeed the true post-lockdown abyss… hope we can get out soon, isn’t sustainable to keep going like this…

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32 items in my profil but this week only 2sales.
I see another drop after homepage’s layout is changed.
But i’m sure this drop is because of summer. July is usual for vacance (in Europe)


Just because a theme is old dose not mean that is trash!

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ahaha of course of course. This would be true if there were no new themes. LOL

Sales from last 10 days are almost down to 0. Something is surely not right with the markets


Indeed sales are slower in the past few days, it will get back on track I am sure.

You need to take into account that there are more and more themes on TF, better themes are added and clients have a wider range of choices, because of this also sales are lower.

To make it now and in the near future we need to come up with unique themes/plugins ideally stuff that none can copy… and I know this for a fact, I have plugins that sell very well because they have features that no other plugins have.

The days when you can create a decent theme or plugin and have good sales are gone, now excellence is required and only the best of us authors will get big sales…

I understand all your points but this all applies when your sales go down gradually and you are still not creating extraordinary items. The point I am stating here is, the items which were selling well till 10-15 days ago but suddenly there are no buyers for them; is this normal? Did they become obsolete instantly?
As far as any other author’s product sales is concerned, it depends what they expect from their portfolio. 1-2 sales a day can be good for an author but for someone else it is nothing.

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Personally, I have tripled my sales this year, I used to make about 3-4k last year and now 9-10k.

In the time when you had a blast during 2014-2018 I could not work, I was dying of Lyme disease, I started working again in late 2018 and have very good results which are telling me that my theory is correct.

Those days from 2014-2018 are gone, if you want to make it you need to be on top of the others and create unique stuff, just look at the latest themes, some of themes are just crazy good and very original and have very good sales.

As for the drop in sales yes in the last 10 days it is slower but things are crazy right now around the world, plus Envato is playing a very dangerous game with Elements…

Hoping for the best!

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They no longer focus on new items. They focus on the top items. You see that last week and this week Avada has a sales volume of 2k - 2k9

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very slow :frowning:

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My sales stopped a few 9 days ago
I think there is something wrong


Mine stopped on March 25 (then I found a 429 login bug and reported, they fixed it). Then Sales come back almost to normal till 15th of April. Then silence again till single sale on 22nd. Then silence again. Today I see more than -50% from my average monthly earnings. I risen the same concerns, that something is wrong. I searched for forums, trustpilot. And seen increased posts about locked accounts, do to issues with confirmation email (which never arrives) and just basically some issues that payment gets some errors.
Не могу оплатить подписку на месяц (drop it to translate)
Your payment was unable to be processed by PayPal. Please try again or use a different payment meth

In my case sales arw slower in the past 15 days but still good…

With less than a week in this month remaining. We are down to 50% of our average sales

Same here, 50% drop compares to the previous month.

Guys the good all days I keep saying 2014 - 2018 are gone, the number of themes and plugins are huge now, there is fierce competition and the latest themes are really creative, just chek them out, users now have a large area selection… on top of that COVID, Elements, and other mess around the world…

Things are changing and only those who are willing to fight for it will make it through, in my opinion now a selection will be made between very good authors and the rest…

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Last year was the best in comparison to my 5 years before. All IT sector is growing like never before. This year nothing has changed, except that people used to it more than ever (online shopping especially). So COVID might affect VH, AJ, GR, but definitely not TF or EE.

Not so many new items arrive in TF, as you say:
" 51,511 WordPress Themes & Website Templates From $2". and if I’m not wrong last year I have seen 75k items up there, but probably they just deleted old stuff.
By looking only at one particular category where I am, I saw only 3-4 new projects to arrive in a 1,5y period. So that`s not so big a deal I guess.

Now I monitor some new arrivals, their sales and etc. And also seen that their sales do not increase so much as worth it, or remain unchanged for 3-4weeks.

Yet I have a theory on how to fix it. But that might work only from the author’s side. I am still willing to wait till TF will find and fix the issues. There were problems with cookies and Envato API errors. I still believe that this all mess is bind with never-ending experiments and unexpired cookies after those changes.

I see your point but I sell code as well and I have a 300% increase in sales compared to last year January, I used to make about 2-4k per month now I make about 8-10k per month… what I did to increase this is to update my old plugins to look and be better, change design added features that no other plugins have, put some effort in adding unique stuff on sale.

The theme that I have in my portfolio it does not do good but I will remake it as well this year and I am sure I will bring it to life.

Not sure what to say, the market clearly is slower than it uses to be…

My best week were 2 weeks ago and there’s drop in sales since that time, not huge but sufficient

Thanks for your comment. I feel that it binds a little with my suspicions mentioned earlier. Especially:
“what I did to increase this is to update my old plugins”. Do you think your updates force google bot revisit, or cookie autorefresh? Maybe that`s the cause of all problems? Envato makes some updates but forgets to update… say cookies or URL map. Now you do edit your item page, and that somehow refreshes all cookies, google crawl bots and etc? (sorry if I’m not expressing myself clearly, I’m Ui/Ux, not too much experienced in development. But I guess you’ll get the point.
What do you think about it?