Sales almost stopped from last 4-5 days

Ok! I upload to google disk!

I do not know whom to believe …!?
On you… or the lack of sales in the middle of the week.
And that’s not all! … By adding an algorithm limiting sales … this gives an answer why we do not sell anything at the most sellable days!

We should still upload templates on themeforest? From what I seen so far, elements is the main of envato. Is it right?

Mayday mayday: another sh1tty week coming! :loudspeaker:

Really. Don’t know if I’ll be able to reach half of my average incomes this time. Shocking.

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Looks like. These comments was marked about 24 days ago but they are still there :joy:




Read More on the latest announcement: WordPress on Elements - Author Information

you will be surprised they will still be under review in 6 month they seem to honestly do not care about that.

I did checked on some sale tracking website: themeforest WordPress total sale is only around 22k (compared to 28k-30k in previous weeks).
Look at the popular items sale number, you can see a overall down trend. Only 1xx you can be at the 3rd line which may never happened before.

Last week is a nightmare to us, I lost 30% sales compared to the previous weeks.
I don’t know if I should be sad or not as some of our core members have just gone because of lower & lower profits they can get from creating themes to sell on Themeforest.
Envato is also a private company, they, more than anyone here, knows the actual trend with real numbers. As Envato is working on Elements as an alternative business model, we should also follow to think of our own business model.
Remember the very first reason why we’ve been working here (you just create, Envato takes the rest)!
It’s just hard for us, we all know Envato has top ninja marketers and they still hardly promote Elements to reach their expected level. How come, we, purely designers & developers, can create our own marketing campaigns.
Thanks to this, we should realize that we, authors, have been weaker & weaker after years of working here. We have been relying on Envato so much and all of us fell that you can sink anytime without their hands.
Come on. I call out ALL AUTHORS to STAND AGAIN!
Let’s make OURSELVES great again!


I always check the weekly popular list and unfortunately the numbers are decreasing. We are all on the same boat and we are sinking ;(

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Hey Guys,
Please check if you had any US sales since 1st of June?

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@transparentideas no US sales for this month yet. I expect them to boost sales.

Hey guys, just wanted to step in with a few thoughts. I’m sure many of you won’t like it but its better to face reality earlier than wait for a miracle to happen, and I am trying to be as objective as possible. Here are the changes that had negative impact on marketplace:

  1. Envato Elements

  2. Review Times (for around 6 months the review times were horrible at least)

  3. Tweaks to search system - as we all know and as mentioned by Envato, they make some experiments constantly and the results are often far from positive for many of the authors.

Now, about the trends that many of the authors do not want to accept but these have the most impact from my observations and analysis of the market throughout at least last 1-2 years:

  1. The market is oversaturated. And the number of items is growing with insane rate. Up to 2014 you could create an average theme and have some really decent sales. But as with every lucrative business, more and more authors saw the opportunity and joined the marketplace which eventually brought the markeplace to the basic supply and demand issue - there’s just not as much demand as the Wordpress themes / templates created. We can complain as much as we want that multipurpose themes are going good and other themes are doomed to failure but let’s face the truth - if that’s what’s the customer wants - adapt or die. One could possibly educate the buyers on advantages of choosing specialized niche themes over bloated ones, but that takes too much time and resources and far not everyone will risk it

  2. Please take a good look on popular Wordpress themes list. Other than a few exceptions here and there, no one can say these themes being there solely by luck. Yes, luck plays some role, sometimes quite an unfair one even but still - almost all the themes in popular list are a result of tremendous efforts. This takes time and devotion. You can’t spend 2 weeks on a theme any more and expect it to go like Avada or X, it simply does not work. One of the alternatives I found still to be working and can be extremely profitable if executed correctly is to create a superb base and constantly work on improving and adding useful functions, providing stellar support at the same time. Take for example the Stack template (and the WP version of Stack which is on Popular list the 3rd week). The guys have done great job and are constantly improving the product. And as a result, the sales are going great.

Bottom line: Don’t go after creating 100 products, create 1 and make it as perfect as it could possibly be. Then the sales will come, even considering the current negative trends.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Hi all,
The same here boys… last week i had in one day 3visits=3sales at the same template, that was in 30minutes… and from then nothing…

Strange but this is it …
Hope to have more sales, good luck for all!

About 25 to 35% of my sales have been to the US this month. A bit lower than normal.

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I said this before, this is so bad how envato think just to increase they profit and don’t care at all about authors, this last years every step been in that way. They move to the US and because of those taxes authors now not getting 50% of the sales anymore (at least most of them), now they moving to elements and they will get $14.5 of subs every month and other $14.5 will split between many authors (some cents). The envato is the only company out there who charge handling fees 1-2 dollars when you pay with credit card or PayPal (And new buyers only see this in billing steps) so for them this looks like hidden fee.

To be honest Envato wants to be like Adobe or Microsoft with this subscription, but it can’t be because envato has all this success because of authors, envato can’t think just about himself.

Does anyone remember has Envato ever asked the community if they agree or not before taking big steps like this, did ever organized any voting poll for authors to vote? … never!

They just announced that what gone happen.
This boat (graphicriver, themeforest) is going down and captain (envato) already gone to another boat (elements). So good luck to authors who wants to survive.

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25% sales from US this month, yes less than as compared to other months as of now. Overall slow sales

I think there might be a problem somewhere in the system because
Am i the only one to notice that an trending icon is being added on any product even those that have just been recently uploaded and have 0 sales?
The trending icon come with a message like “look at you! your way leading the sales” how comes 0 can be a way leading the sales

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There are other factors taken into account, not just the sales but also a combination of visitors, comments and ratings play a role as well.

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Worst day in 3 years 0 sales today

Same here, Worst month in last 3 years. :cry: