SaleBolt is an author's sales and earnings tracker for all Envato's marketplaces.

Hi everyone
SaleBolt is an author’s sales and earnings tracker for all Envato’s marketplaces.
iOS comming soon. Let try it


  • Push notifications for new sales
  • Email notifications for new sales - Device management
  • Notification management
  • Current balance, followers count, etc.
  • Earnings chart (daily, monthly, or yearly)
  • Statements (sales, author fees, purchases, withdrawals, etc.)
  • List of marketplaces and items, Product detail
  • Detail item earnings and sales
  • Weekly, Monthly, etc best-selling items
  • Light/Dark mode
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple themes
  • Multiple devices
  • Multiple fonts

Powered by Envato API.

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this looks interesting


Thanks for posting first of all!

Don’t know if you’re the author of the product, but I would personally not use any third party app anymore regarding sales and statistics of my account.

How would I know what the author of the app does with our sales data before displaying it?

There already was a really great Envato app for iOS, stopped using it especially for this reasons: privacy.

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There has been some posts on the forum earlier that you can achieve this by using some free scripts that you can see the all coding.

Only one minor thing I’d like to know / see the source. Where is the data stored. No offence, you don’t seem to have a buyer or author account concerns me from a privacy point of view. :blush:

Hi everyone
We used Flutter
We are used API by Envato API.
We will completed publish privacy with iOS version

Thanks for watching.