Sale reversals without notify or explanation.


Another issue for authors besides slow responding on the support are sale reversals.

Why Envato do not notify us about sale reversals?

Why we can see reversal on the statement tabs only?

Why we can’t see the real reason for the reversal?

Why we must contact support for the closer details about sale reversals?

I had issues with reversals before, some support staff members makes reversals by their will. Later they back money to me. Can’t wait to hear latest reason for my latest reversal line on the statement.

New CEO, same issues…still waiting for the support and improvements.

What was the reason they gave you for the reversal? I have never heard of a reversal being the fault of Envato before.

There’s not much room for improvement here. Sale reversals are very simple and straightforward. The funds were reversed (not by Envato, but by the bank or card issuer) due to a dispute or chargeback. The exact reason can vary (i.e. stolen card), and Envato won’t always know the exact reason.

That’s the only place where your sales are listed in detail.

This is because reversals are applied to your account automatically, but it takes a real person to find the reason behind it. Also, there’s no benefit to knowing the exact details for a reversal, perhaps other than to stress yourself out.

Yes, money can be returned to you, even if you don’t open a support ticket. This is because when a reversal occurs, Envato immediately (and automatically) locks the buyer’s account. Some buyers will close the payment dispute to gain access again, which sends the funds back to your balance.


That is the main point. Reversals can be made by the Envato staff. I have email correspondence with the Envato staff members where you can clearly see that Envato staff made reversal.

After that correspondence Envato make reversal to me. So, it is up to Envato.

What now? :slight_smile:

Envato staff decided to reverse money back to the customer, support staff member have do that personally. Reason was 14 days reversal policy and it was wrong.

All in all I’m waiting clear reason on my “official support ticket number” to find out why my pocket is $60 less this time. Instead of email notification with the reason I will wait a week or X days longer, we will see.

Instant email notification with the reason of reversal is bad and backward probably, silly me.

Still waiting…

I owe to say that this is resolved and the reason for the sale reversal sent to me after I asked for it. Thanks to @Will4490 and the Envato team.

The conclusion is that any reason sent to the author when reversal happened is better than no reason. Hopefully, Envato will do something around this soon. At least just a small email notification that reversal happened with the reason like a bank, refund, PP…that should be enough.

Does your statement say Sale Refund or Sale Reversal?

image image

A sale reversal in this case.

Interesting. It seems like something is wrong with how support issued the refund then.

The vast majority of reversals are automatic. When a chargeback occurs, the payment provider (PayPal, Skrill, or the credit card processor) sends an automatic alert to Envato’s system informing them that the funds have been revoked. The system, in turn, registers a reversal on your account.

In cases like that (where it’s automatic), it’s unfortunately not possible to clarify the exact reason. These alerts don’t include much details (and the details they do include often has sensitive information).

What I’m getting at, is that in order to make your wish come true (a notification for each reversal with the reason), it would require support staff to spend time investigating each and every reversal, which would require significant time/resources.

Considering 95% of these will be “stolen card claim” or similar, it just seems like an overall waste of resources at a time when the support team is increasingly slow and overworked. I’d rather them focus on getting the team back in good standing first.

I think a more appropriate solution here would be for the support team to issue manual refunds as a “Sale Refund” and include a comment there. Reversals are not refunds, and they shouldn’t be mixing them together like that.

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