Sale Reversal - second in a month


This is the second time that I have faced the “issue” this month.
I have thought you have already a protection service for it

A sale reversal is the result of a cancelled or disputed payment, enforced by the payment gateway or bank.

Is it just me or anyone else having the same issue. One of the buyer was from USA and other from France


Anyone with regular sales gets reversals every now and then. It’s a part of any online business. :slight_smile:
Envato cannot do anything about it, there’s no possible protection for it either.

For example, what if someone steals a credit card and uses it to buy one of your items? Then the real card owner tells their bank, “my card was stolen,” and the bank reverses all of the transactions, including yours.

You see, Envato may actually incur a fee, sometimes $35 or more, for each one of these (only on non-PayPal transactions). But they remain fair and cover any fees for you.


Never had any issue before at Envato ( once at Studio but last year ) this month, it’s the first time at ThemeForest

I understand the stolen card problem but this is not 2004 anymore. Who stole the card and purchase the theme anyway? It doesn’t make sense. I believe there’s an issue with the system, users purchase the theme, download it, then ask for reversal from their bank. I hope Envato is tracking the IPs ( not 100% would help ) but at least they are doing something for it

Would like to hear some explanations or comments from the team, if it’s possible. ( if they’re reading this one )


Fist time I faced reversal one of my item yesterday. :frowning:


I get reversals from items sold 7+ months ago.


In this month I get four item reversal :grimacing: